The Cyprus Parliament supported a resolution on cancellation of sanctions against Russia

The Cyprus Parliament has supported a resolution calling on the government to start working with the structures of the European Union over the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

The document was submitted by Progressive party of the working people and supported by 33 MPs 17 MPs abstained from voting, RBC.

The deputies proposed to discuss the removal of retaliatory restrictions on goods from Cyprus. The legislators themselves at the same time promised to restore cooperation with Russia by the inter-parliamentary ties.

According to the text of the resolution, Parliament acknowledges the European sanctions against Russia «counterproductive» and «unable to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.» The MPs also noted that in the context of the current economic crisis, sanctions had a negative impact on trade with Russia and the Cypriot economy as a whole.»

On 6 July the regional Council of the Italian region of Tuscany voted for a resolution asking the government of Italy on the abolition of sanctions against Russia.

July 5, the regional Council of Lombardy voted for the resolution «recognition of the principle of self-determination of Crimea and the lifting of sanctions against Russia.»

Previously, on June 29, a similar resolution was adopted by the Council of Liguria.

In addition, as reported, may 18, the regional Council of Veneto for North – East region of Italy with the center in Venice supported the resolution on the recognition of the Crimea part of the Russian Federation and urging the Italian government to cancel sanctions against Russia.

According to the resolution, the leadership of the region is empowered to work with the government and the Italian Parliament to review relations between Russia and the European Union.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Italy after the resolution of the Veneto confirmed his country’s position not to recognise the referendum in Crimea in 2014 and the extension of sanctions against Russia to implement the Minsk agreements.

The Cyprus Parliament supported a resolution on cancellation of sanctions against Russia 07.07.2016

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