The cyber-police has closed an online movie theater FS.TO

The Department of police of National police of Ukraine shut down the popular online resource FS.TO writes

The report said that work was halted group «pirate online cinema», which included resources FS.TO BRB.TO FS.UA and CXZ.TO.

As noted, the search was conducted in the framework of criminal proceedings under part 3 of article 176 (infringement of copyright and related rights) of the criminal code. Searches were conducted in offices, data centers and in the homes of the defendants in the proceedings.

The case was initiated at the request of the holders of the American Association of movie companies and a number of Ukrainian companies. They said the damages in the amount of about UAH 5 million.

According to the report, the cyber-police will monitor the appearance of FS.TO under another domain name.

The data confirmed the closure of the site and in the Association of holders of UAA. According to its Chairman Vladimir Ealing, UAA has repeatedly filed complaints of copyright infringement that resource.

«We have approached the administration of the site with the requirement to remove links to content, but the links appeared in a couple of hours. We have repeatedly appealed to law enforcement agencies, but the site is constantly changing, domain, location — allegedly was not in Ukraine, although according to our data, their servers all the time was here, as the owners,» he says.

At the end of last year, the UAA once again filed for violation in the website, and the police launched an investigation after inspections, which led to the determination of the location of the FS servers.TO.

«The judicial perspective of the case are still unclear, last year there was not a single verdict in the case of copyright infringement on the Internet. I would not like to see the site resumed work under a different name. But overall, its closure is a positive step,» — said the head of the Association.

It is known that during the investigation detained 19 persons involved in the creation of the resource, which administer and fill the site with content. Reaction of the latter is not forced to wait long, the authors of the resource promises to resume his work soon.

Recall: this is not the first time FS.TO goes offline. In October 2013, the police seized servers online recursed the time of the investigation on the complaint of the Ukrainian anti-piracy Association (UAA).

Note that in 2013 Ukraine topped the «List of 301», which includes the countries with the highest piracy in the world.

The cyber-police has closed an online movie theater FS.TO 16.11.2016

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