The crisis over Qatar provoked hacker attacks UAE – The Washington Post

The conflict over Doha was triggered by hackers breaking from the United Arab Emirates systems the state news Agency of Qatar, which on the tape was posted fabricated news, according to The Washington Post, citing sources in the American intelligence community.

According to them, the UAE government on may 23 had planned a cyber attack on a number of information structures of Qatar. Not yet established, hired Lee in Abu Dhabi experts from another country to implement the plan or carried out the attack themselves.

In the statement of UAE Ambassador in Washington, which leads The Washington Post, said that Abu Dhabi has no relation to the hacker attack on the state media of Qatar.

On the website of the Qatari government news at the end of may were posted the text of the alleged speech of the head of the state Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani, in which, in particular, the Emir of Qatar called Iran the «Islamic government» and supported the radical group Hamas.

On the rupture of diplomatic relations with Qatar declared 10 States: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Maldives, Mauritius, Mauritania and the Comoros. They accuse Qatari authorities supporting the activities of the Yemeni rebels, the Houthis, «sponsored by Iran,» terrorists and groups, al-Qaeda and «Islamic state».

June 22, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain gave Doha a list of 13 requirements that need to be done to end the embargo. The performance of Qatar were given 10 days.

Among the requirements is the termination of broadcasting of the TV channel Al Jazeera and Iran, as well as the closure of the Turkish military base in Qatar.

In Qatar the requirements are called unrealistic and contrary to human rights, and later rejected.

The crisis over Qatar provoked hacker attacks UAE – The Washington Post 17.07.2017

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