The Crimeans complaining about the occupiers on the collectors: they ask to give loans to Ukrainian banks

Public organizations of the Crimea complain to the occupation authorities on collection firms that require you to give loans to Ukrainian banks. Company registered in the Russian Federation, and they massively suing for the recovery of debts.

In most cases the court decides in favor of the collectors, report «news of Crimea».

A public organisation with the loud name «Committee «Matter of honor» wrote a letter occupying «the first Vice Prime Minister of Crimea,» Mikhail Sheremet.

The organization claims that «for a year and a half has collected more than 5 thousand written and more than 60 thousand verbal complaints of fraudulent attempts to collect debts of inhabitants of the Republic to Ukrainian banks».

In organizations state that lawyers «mass-suing for the recovery of debts».

«For a year and a half the state scams replenished with newly created and have been registered in Russia, collection firms, «allegedly purchased the debt of the Crimean people». Despite constant monitoring of credit relationships, periodic statements and warnings of the head of the Crimea and the Chairman of the state Council… still massively decisions are made not in favor of the victims of the Ukrainian financial tyranny of Crimeans», – complain in public organizations.

In January 2016 the current self-proclaimed head of the occupation authorities Crimea Sergey Aksenov said that the Crimean residents who have taken loans in Ukrainian banks up to March 16, 2014, and is now receiving threats from collectors, it is necessary to provide all possible legal help.

At the same time, the occupants promising to pay compensation of deposits of the Crimean people in Ukrainian banks. Payment will be through money received from the sale of the sanatorium «foros», owned by Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

The occupiers claim that depositors will receive 20% of their deposits.

Note, almost a year ago Russia was going to allow Crimeans not to repay loans. But now Crimeans only promise to «improve the conditions of return loans to Ukrainian banks».

In the Duma of the Russian Federation declare that you think about the amendments, which «will take into account the procedure of postponement of the debt and its restructuring». «Permission» not to give the credits is not even promise.

The Crimeans complaining about the occupiers on the collectors: they ask to give loans to Ukrainian banks 28.02.2016

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