The court suspended the anti-immigrant decree of trump, which the U.S. revoked more than 100 thousand visas

In Detroit (USA) judge of the Eastern district of Michigan Victoria Roberts has temporarily suspended the anti-immigrant decree of the President of the United States of America Donald trump</b>.

On Friday 3 February, reports Reuters.

According to the court, is prohibited «to refuse entry to the United States to those who live in the country legally on a permanent basis, as well as those who have a valid immigrant visa».

More than 100 thousand visas were cancelled in the US after the decree of Donald trump to restrict entry of refugees and citizens of Muslim countries, writes The Washington Post.

«The figure of 100 thousand visas were announced during a hearing in the court of the state of Virginia suit against Donald trump from two Yemeni brothers, who last Saturday arrived in the international airport of Dallas. They were expelled from the country immediately after arrival,» the statement reads.

As reported, January 28, trump signed a decree on the termination of admission of Syrian refugees into the country. He also froze for 120 days program of accepting refugees from other countries. These countries — Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, and Sudan.

Because of the decree at some airports, there was a spontaneous rallies. Saturday, January 28, a Federal judge in new York issued an urgent Directive that temporarily banned the authorities to deport the refugees or travellers affected by the decree trump. But that decision concerned only those people who have already entered the U.S. and was stopped at the border control.

Acting U.S. attorney General Sally Yates made an official statement that he does not believe «immigration» decree of Donald trump legitimate. In this regard she was fired.

Later, the attorneys General of 16 States condemned the migration okisnogo President of the United States.

Authorities in Washington state said that suing the President of the United States Donald trump because of this decree.

The court suspended the anti-immigrant decree of trump, which the U.S. revoked more than 100 thousand visas 04.02.2017

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