The court released the scout Shevelev, who fought in the group «the Forester»

Ukrainian military and volunteers, at the same time, Russian citizen Olga Shevelev (call «Hilda») from the group «the Forester» was released under the personal obligation.

This informs the community of C14.

«After 9 months of detention in jail, prosecutors are unable to prove an alleged terrorism,» the statement reads.

The prosecution tried to submit it as «Russian saboteur».

At the same time, the «Hilda» on the court argued that the 1st division intelligence DUK «Right sector» in which she fought, was subordinated to the General Directorate of intelligence (Gur) General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

Commanded their division the late Oleg Marcil(«Forester»).

«»This organization has rented an apartment (which in the course of spetsoperatsii SBU eliminated «the Forester» — ed.) owned by this organization brought me and Pjatakova with Musilem from the Donetsk region to the apartment, this organization has been giving us money. Everything that is attributed to Forester, was actually carried out by the WTP,» said Shevelev, a court hearing in February.

It is worth noting that on 5 August Paul Patakova extended the detention for another 30 days.

According to military journalist Olena bilozerska, Sheveleva was sponsored by the Committee for the liberation of political prisoners and people’s Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted (Radical party Lyashko).

Before the war Sheveleva worked as a correspondent for the military journal.

Along with Sheveleva in the case of the «Forester» is Anastasia Leonova, who is also a citizen of the Russian Federation.


The evening of 9 December in an apartment house on the street Lajos gavro in the capital’s residential area Obolon, security service conducted a special operation on suppression of activity of DRG, which operated in several cities of Ukraine, including in Kiev. The resistance of the head of the DRG, a citizen of Ukraine, wounded two employees of special forces of SBU «alpha» and was killed. One of the wounded fighters of «alpha» died in the hospital.

During the RAID were detained 7 people who were in a group of three citizens and four citizens of Ukraine.

One of the waste during the RAID addresses in Kiev seized curb eight improvised explosive devices, 4 kg of TNT, machine guns, 40 grenades and about 2 thousand rounds of ammunition and components of explosive devices and weapons.

«On the detention of citizens of the Russian Federation notified the Russian Consulate, they have the lawyers, the investigation… is Now checked several versions, and one of them is that the consequence does not exclude — that the detained Russian citizens are also connected with the Russian special services»,- told the chief of staff of the SBU Oleksandr Tkachuk.

According to the channel «112. Ukraine, among the detained was a Dagestani.

In the first days after the operation in social networks appeared information that the head of the DRG was one of the former commanders of the Ukrainian Volunteer corps (DUK), the «Right sector», the 50-year-old Marcil (aliases, «Forester», «Sergei Amirov»), known to another party a Pro-Ukrainian Patriotic movement and former Chairman of the regional branch of the «Trident» name of Stepan Bandera, who in the summer of this year, after events in Mukachevo stopped working with Dmitry Yarosh.

On the second day after the RAID, the press Secretary of the security Service of Ukraine Elena Gitlyanskaya confirmed the identity of Muscile.

The SBU also claimed that a group of Muscile worked for Russian intelligence, and was preparing a series of terrorist attacks in major cities of Ukraine.

The court released the scout Shevelev, who fought in the group «the Forester» 07.08.2016

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