The court refused to protect the honor and dignity of Vivid from parasuco

Zhovkovsky district court of Lviv region has refused satisfaction of the claim about protection of honor and business reputation of the SBU General Vasily Pisny to the people’s Deputy of Ukraine Vladimir Parasuco(independent).

Parasyuk posted on his page on the social network Facebook a photocopy of the court decision, from which it follows that on Wednesday, February 17, Zhovkva district court decided to refuse the Deputy chief of head Department on fight against corruption SBU Vivid, in a lawsuit to the people’s Deputy Parasuco on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation and compensation of moral damage in the amount of 100 thousand UAH.

The court’s decision specifies that the claimant is entitled to appeal the decision.

As reported, the basis for the claim by Vivid, was the publication in the Lvov newspaper «Express» under the name «Lutsenko promotes corruption», which was released in October of 2015. The article Parasyuk, Vivid, commenting on the appointment to the above post in the SBU, said that has information about Vivid, allegedly involved in the smuggling, trade, liquor products and trading posts in the police, where Vivid, he worked in senior positions in several regions of Ukraine.

Recall that Vivid also filed a lawsuit against the parasuco demanding to compensate the moral damage caused to him in the attack at the meeting of the anti-corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on 19 November last year.

Recall, Parasyuk at the meeting of the parliamentary anti-Corruption Committee, suddenly ran back, hit him Vivid kick in the head. Prior to that, between the Deputy and the General security service there was a verbal sparring during which Vivid, said that he had done for the Maidan, possibly more than Parasyuk.

At a meeting of the Committee has invited officials in connection with suspected corruption.

The General wrote a letter to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine about the beating in the line of duty.

The GPU on this fact opened criminal proceedings.

Associated with Vivid, a new scandal erupted after it became known about the status of combatants. Status was assigned on the basis of the General three days was in the area of the ATO.

The court refused to protect the honor and dignity of Vivid from parasuco 17.02.2016

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