The court refused to dismiss Trukhanov from office of the mayor of Odessa

Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv rejected the petition of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office and left Gennady Trukhanov mayor. About it reports «Radio Freedom».

The mayor of Odessa, which participated in the hearing, stated that he had not joined the conspiracy and had not wasted the local budget of Odessa.

Trukhanov and his Deputy, Paul Vogelman detained February 14, 2018.

According to investigators of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, officials involved in the scheme in damage to the local budget of Odessa. So, in September 2016 the Odessa city Council acquired the building of the plant «region» for 185 million UAH from the private structure, which in early 2016 bought it at auction organized by the liquidator of the company, over 11.5 million UAH. Received from the city funds, the firm-seller tried to list companies with signs of fictitiousness.

The Prosecutor’s office petitioned for the content of the mayor of Odessa detained with a bail of 50 million UAH, however, on 15 February, the court released on bail Trukhanov of the people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko Dmitry Golubov. Vogelman was released on bail of people’s deputies from group «the Renaissance» Alexander Presman and representative of the Opposition bloc Yuriy Miroshnichenko.

16 Feb Trukhanov opened the session of the Odessa city Council to the applause of supporters and opponents shouting «shame».

19 Feb Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office appealed against the decision on the measure of restraint for the mayor and his Deputy. The Kyiv court of appeals left the preventive measure unchanged.

On 26 February, the publication INSIDER, citing sources reported that the Solomensky district court of Kiev has arrested all the property of Trukhanov and Vogelman specified by them in electronic declarations.

The court refused to dismiss Trukhanov from office of the mayor of Odessa 27.02.2018

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