The court refused the protection of Yanukovych in the re-examination Poroshenko

Protection of fugitive ex-President Viktor Yanukovych asks the Obolon district court of Kyiv considered invalid interrogation via videoconference on February 21 of the current President of Petro Poroshenko, the correspondent of «GORDON».

«Please consider the request for re-examination as the witness of Peter Poroshenko. It is necessary to be able to assess what is the tactics of protection», – said the lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk at the meeting on 22 February.

He also added that the defense wanted to explain the powers and functions of Poroshenko as Commissioner in February 2014 by order of the then acting President Alexander Turchinov on the settlement of the situation in the Crimea, but the court failed to do so.

The Prosecutor’s office opposed the petition, the court sided with the prosecution.

According to the presiding judge Vladislav Devyatko, the court does not support the defendant’s motion.

For decision the panel of judges was removed to the consultative room.

In the Obolon court of Kyiv is considering the case against Yanukovych of treason. He is charged with three articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine: part 5, article 27 (treason), part 2 of article 437 (aiding in waging aggressive war), part 3 of article 110 (aiding and abetting in the violation of the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine that resulted in the death of people or other grave consequences).

On 21 February the court via videoconference interviewed the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Judges prematurely terminated the interrogation, citing the fact that the defense asks questions not related to the case.

The court refused the protection of Yanukovych in the re-examination Poroshenko 22.02.2018

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