The court ordered a psychiatric examination for the suspect in the case of a shootout in Knyazhychi

The Pechersky district court of Kyiv allowed the Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine (PGO) is forced to conduct an outpatient mental examination of one of the suspects in the case of a shootout in the village knyazhichi, Kiev region. The court ruling of November 14, published in the Unified registry of court decisions.

The document States that the study entrusted to experts of the Kiev city center of forensic psychiatric examination.

Within two months, they have to give answers to the questions, whether suffered to the person during the Commission of the crime any mental illness, and what; if suffered, is a chronic condition or a temporary disorder; be aware of whether your actions and if he could manage it; if he is sick today and what the treatment needs and whether he is partially responsible.

The need for expertise due to the actions of the suspect.

«Aware of the identity of the vehicles to the police and that those that are in it, are the police on such obvious signs as the presence of a special uniform, with appropriate equipment and identification of police cars and uniform, without warning about the use of weapons, from a standing position and squatting, made the weapon of the automatic AKMS at least three aimed shots through the glass window rear right (passenger) door and rear window glass of the car Daewoo Lanos», – is told in court materials.

It is noted that the shooting of the driver and passengers of the car was conducted with the realization that people can die, «are in a confined space, and the car does not move, and the driver and passengers of their actions had threatened the life or health of people and/or the police.»

«Ukrainian news» reported that the suspect is assigned a psychiatric examination, is a senior inspector of the special forces of the Ministry of internal Affairs of KORD Andrew Kurt.

4 December 2016 in the village of kniazhychi skirmish between police. It was reported that killed five police officers: two police officers guard two officers and one employee of special forces of KORD.

According to a member of the Board of the Ministry of internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko, the operational members of the National police tracked down burglars in Knyazhychi. Next door in the house «accidentally» tripped the alarm, he said. On call, police arrived and detained those who were in ambush. In the event you stepped in the staff of special forces of KORD, who opened fire. Four of the five dead law enforcement officers were shot in the car, which arrived the police guard, although it was marked, stated in the regional Department of national police.

Acting national police head of Vadim Troyan claimed that the Prince held a special operation to expose the dangerous groups involved in robberies and looting, which included persons «relevant to law enforcement agencies.»

Jan 13, 2017 in national police announced the completion of the internal investigation of the incident in Princes. According to the results, was dismissed eight people.

30 Aug GPU reported about suspicion, three officials of the National police in the case of a shootout in the City. They are suspected of abuse of power, murder of two and more persons in a manner dangerous to the lives of many individuals, and also in attempt at a premeditated murder. August 31, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that his Ministry has handed over three suspected and is preparing another eight for the first time in Knyazhychi.

September 1, the court chose the former chief of the criminal investigation Department of the police of Kiev Leonid the Smoking measure in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest.

6 September, a similar measure of restraint the court chose for Kurt, and 7 September – former Deputy chief of the criminal investigation Department of Shevchenkovsky Department of the police of Kiev Roman Marinovsky.

The court ordered a psychiatric examination for the suspect in the case of a shootout in Knyazhychi 02.12.2017

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