The court Mosiychuk was moved to March 16 because the judge «is busy»

Consideration of the petition for the detention of the MP from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk was moved to March 16.

On Friday 26 February the lawyer reported the people’s Deputy Leonid Sivakov, transfers «Ukrainian truth».

He explained that the judge of Pechersky regional court Moskalenko, which deals with the motion, did not appear at Friday’s meeting, because it is for another court on another production.

Meanwhile, in the court came and he Mosiychuk.

He assured journalists that he is not going to hide from the investigation and promised to go to trial.

As reported, 17 September 2015 at the meeting of Parliament, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Shokin has asked Parliament to remove immunity Mosiychuk. The attorney General also gave the Parliament the footage filmed of the Prosecutor General, which Mosiychuk, among other things, tells his interlocutor about the «pricing» on parliamentary inquiries.

According to Shokina, Mosiychuk suspected of committing criminal offenses under part 4. 368 (acceptance of an offer, promise or receipt of unlawful benefit by an official), part 2, 3 of article 296 (hooliganism), part 1,2 of article 350 (threat or violence against official or citizen who performs a public duty), part 1 of article 376 (interference in the judiciary), part 1,article 377 of 2 (threat or violence against a judge, people’s assessor or juror) of the Criminal code of Ukraine».

On September 18 the Pechersk district court chose to Mosiychuk a measure of restraint in form of detention for a period of 60 days. Subsequently, the Kyiv court of appeals upheld the decision of Pechersky regional court.

October 8 Mosiychuk was admitted to the hospital directly from the building of Appellate court of Kiev, which was to consider the complaint of protection to the decision of Pechersky regional court of Kiev on election to it measures of restraint in form of detention. The next day the Deputy was diagnosed with a large open ulcer of the duodenum, accompanied by internal bleeding. On the same day he was transferred from intensive care to speculate the Kiev hospital of ambulance (ha).

15 November at 19.00 expired rows detention in custody Mosiychuk, elected by the court on September 18. Colleagues immediately took him from BSP and took him to the national Institute of surgery and Transplantology named Shalimova for surgery.

On November 17, the court invalidated the decision of Parliament on the removal of parliamentary immunity and the arrest of Mosiychuk.

In the Parliament, declared their intention to appeal the decision Vasu. On November 27 it became known that the Supreme court received the appeal from the third person the decision of the court on Mosiychuk. The complaint was forwarded by the automatic distribution of the judge-Rapporteur to check the application for compliance with the law. This procedure legislation of the allotted 3 days, and then, according to the law, the court has 15 days to decide on the admission of the case into production. While the Supreme court did not specify exactly who is the third person and the author of the appeal.

The court Mosiychuk was moved to March 16 because the judge «is busy» 26.02.2016

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