The court left in custody Korban, reducing the period of his detention in jail for two days

The Kyiv court of appeals left the leader of the party «Ukrainian Union of patriots – DILL» Gennady Korban in custody only for two days by reducing his period of remand in custody from 25 February to 23 February.

The operative part of the resolution was read by the presiding Board of the court of Appeal of Kiev Denis Masenko, UNIAN reports.

«The court decided the appeal of the defenders of Korban, Gennady Olegovich to meet some… change the Korban, Gennady Olegovich measure of restraint in the form of clock house arrest a measure of restraint detention, specifying the term of detention until 23 February. The court ruling is final, not appealable,» announced the judge Masenko.

As reported, on December 28, Dnieper district court of Kyiv satisfied the petition of Prosecutor’s office and changed the measure of restraint for the leader of the party «DILL» Gennady Korban from house arrest to detention — up to 25 February inclusive.

Korban was placed under house arrest in early November. The Prosecutor General’s office appealed the decision of Pechersky regional court.

In relation to Korban investigated criminal proceedings on the facts of capture in Dnipropetrovsk by the head of Goszemagentstva of Ukraine and the head of one of the departments of Dnipropetrovsk city Council as hostages (part 2 of article 289, article 349 of the criminal code of Ukraine), creation of and participation in a criminal organization (part 1 of article 255 of the criminal code), misappropriation of funds in especially large sizes of the charitable organization «Foundation for the defense of the country» (part 5, article 191 of the criminal code) and interference with activities of election commissions (section 3 of article 157 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

We also study the facts fictitious business (part 2 of article 205 of the criminal code), legalization of proceeds of crime (part 2 of article 209 of the criminal code) and tax evasion (part 2 of article 212 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Lawyers filed an appeal against the decision of Dneprovsky district court of the capital on the taking of the Korban into custody. The appellate court of Kiev began consideration of the appeal on 5 January.

Also today, 10 February, the Pechersky regional court of Kiev has considered the statement of lawyers of the leader of «Dill» on his release from detention in accordance with article 206 of the Criminal procedure code of Ukraine. The court refused the release of the Korban, but allowed the examination to experts from the Amosov Institute in the conditions of the detention facility of the SBU.

The court left in custody Korban, reducing the period of his detention in jail for two days 10.02.2016

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