The court in Vienna rejected Spain’s extradition of Firtash – media

The court in Vienna on 29 August decided not to give Spain the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash. It is reported by the Austrian edition Kurier.

The court found it insufficiently reasoned justification warrant for Firtash’s arrest on suspicion of money-laundering and creating a criminal gang.

Firtash’s lawyers told the newspaper that the Spanish court tried to impose a «politically motivated» arguments for extradition.

Firtash was arrested March 12, 2014 in Vienna at the request of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States, since he is in Austria pending extradition to the United States. In America Firtash is suspected of bribing Indian authorities to obtain licenses for development of deposits of titanium.

In April 2015 the regional court of Vienna rejected the US request for extradition of Ukrainian. The Prosecutor’s office challenged this decision, but for the period of consideration of the complaint, Firtash at the constitutional court in which he demanded to recognize the unconstitutionality of the extradition agreement between Austria and the United States, the appeal was suspended.

In August 2016 the Austrian constitutional court refused to consider the application Firtash. Thus, the court could consider the appeal of the Prosecutor of the court of first instance to refuse to extradite Firtash in the USA.

21 February 2017 the Higher regional court of Vienna admitted the extradition of Firtash in the USA.

The court in Vienna rejected Spain’s extradition of Firtash – media 30.08.2017

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