The court in the Hague to review the case about the attempted suppression of the Maidan

To the point about the attempted suppression of the Maidan, which was considered at the International criminal court in the Hague, will be added to the documents provided by the families of the Heavenly hundred. This was stated by the lawyer of the family of the Heavenly hundred Markin Halabala in the air of Gromadsky.

According to him, the report of the court, these documents were not taken into account, but the decision is already made of their involvement. The Prosecutor was influenced by the fact that in the view of families proves the fact of organized violent actions of the authorities towards the protesters of the Maidan.

«We tried in this presentation to prove that the actions of the authorities against participants of the Euromaidan were not spontaneous but organized. Was the staff, who coordinated all the security forces, interior troops and «Berkut», — said the lawyer.

The conviction of Galbally, tragedies that have occurred since the beginning of 2014, was not just a reaction of the authorities on the protesters.

«It was a deliberate act of aggression against the Ukrainian people with the aim of suppressing the protests, because they could result in the disclosure of corruption crimes of power, what happened», — he stressed.

According to the lawyer, the families of the victims on the Maidan gave the office of the Prosecutor of evidence of a systematic and zaplanirovanno these actions, which allowed to reflect in the interim report, positive for Ukraine is the result.

«We continue to fight. Our documents will be examined again, and God willing, the da’s office will find a reason to continue those cases,» said Halabala.

According to the report of the Prosecutor of 12 November 2015, ISS has not found signs of consistency or the scale of the attacks on citizens.

As reported, the international criminal court in the Hague likened the situation in the Crimea and Sevastopol to international armed conflictbetween Russia and Ukraine.

The court in the Hague to review the case about the attempted suppression of the Maidan 16.11.2016

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