The court in the case of the tragedy in Odessa was postponed for the fourth time

Scheduled for February 10th meeting of the Board of judges of the Malinovsky district court of Odessa, which considers the «may 2», again suffered from a lack of familiarity with the materials and the need to «reconcile the legal position of protection of the accused» two new lawyers.

Lawyers Faith khruleva and Julia Balashovainvolved in the protection of the accused, said the February 10 petition for transfer of the next court session in the «may 2» due to the fact that he was not able to see the materials and adequately prepare to participate in the process, reports «UKRINFORM».

A panel of judges, chaired by Victor Coro admitted the petition motivated and ruled for the fourth time to postpone the hearing from Friday to Monday, February 13, which caused disapproving exclamations of those present in the courtroom and around the courthouse activists «Right sector» and other Patriotic organizations of the city.

There was a crush and later a fight between them and the soldiers of the battalion of special police, who used batons.

«Many decided, — explained to journalists activist «Right sector» Sergey Sternenko, that the Board has chosen this method of release of accused, including two Russian citizens from custody. On the one hand, the separatists made replacement attorneys, and the other — 14 Feb is court-mandated two-month period of stay of defendants in jail. That is, in fact, terrorists can without the decision of judges to be released».

As a result of the conflict a number of activists of the Patriotic forces received injuries and bruises. They drove from the courthouse, and the defendants are taken to jail.

As reported, December 2, 2016, the panel of judges Malinovsky of regional court decided to re-examine resonant «case 2 may» (in terms of events in the Greek area) in view of renewal of their membership. Such a decision, the presiding judge at the trial, the judge Victor Bark has motivated the replacement of one member of the Board because of illness.

Malinovsky district court considers the circumstances of the Commission of crimes by a large group of people during mass riots on may 2, 2014 (in terms of events in the Greek area). The first victims of separatist militants have become fans of Odessa «Chernomorets», which was attacked in the Cathedral square. The investigation revealed that the riots in Odessa were planned in advance and organized, collisions and fire killed 48 people and over two hundred were injured.

22 the prosecution accuses the defendant of committing a crime on the grounds of part 2 of article 294 (mass riots that led to the death of people or other grave consequences) and part 2 St. 263 (illegal weapon handling) Criminal code of Ukraine. Five defendants, including citizens of Ukraine Dolzhenkov, Korchinsky, Romaniuk and citizens of the Russian Federation Sakauov and Meadow are in jail. At previous meetings of the court, witnesses, including a police officer, have confirmed their active participation in the riots.

The court in the case of the tragedy in Odessa was postponed for the fourth time 10.02.2017

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