The court in Chernihiv has justified the dispersal of the Euromaidan in 2013

The Desnyansky district court. Chernigov has decided that justified ilustrirovannij after the Revolution of Dignity ex-policeman Eduard Grebenyuk, who is accused of Chernihiv Euromaidan dispersal on November 25, 2013. This was reported by one of the victims then activists Stanislav Tavluy, reports «UKRINFORM».

«The Desnyansky district court. Chernigov today acquitted former Deputy chief of UMVD in the field of Eduard Grebenyuk, 25 November 2013 directed the acceleration of the Chernihiv Euromaidan», — he said.

According to Tawlia, the court did not find guilty of Grebenyuk in any of the charges.

«All of the witnesses for the prosecution were rejected by the judge by Kulinich . All video evidence ignored,» he said.

Guilty steel euromaidan protesters, which the judge called the hooligans. The sentence he read for almost an hour.

On his page in Facebook Tavluy commented ironically that «fully satisfied with the decision of the court.» Because it shows that in the country nothing has changed and that the judicial system and judges Desnyansky district court should be changed.

Activists strongly disagree with this decision and will appeal. They believe that Grebenyuk gave the order for the demolition of a public Euromaidan movement «Chernigov chooses the EU!» in the Park to them. Popudrenko in the center of Chernigov and directly supervised by the rioters. During this «Stripping» the police removed the activists set up a tent and sound-reproducing equipment.

It was the first in Ukraine large-scale action of law enforcement agencies, aimed at the intimidation of citizens, angered by the suspension of preparation for signing an agreement on deepening cooperation with the EU.

The court in Chernihiv has justified the dispersal of the Euromaidan in 2013 05.02.2016

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