The court fined the extortion of bribes for a position in NABOO

Three detained for extortion of 10 thousand dollars the candidate for the position of detective of the National anti-corruption Bureau has concluded agreements with the Prosecutor on the recognition of guilt.

The Pechersky regional court of Kiev 29 December 2016 decided to impose a fine on 25.5 thousand UAH each of these citizens of Ukraine – natives of Grozny (Russian Federation), the city of Zugres and S. Yakubivka (Ukraine).

On 13 December, the accused made an agreement on recognition of guilt with the Prosecutor will Dovgan A. I., who is the head of Department of the procedural management, maintenance of public prosecution and representation in the court of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of the Prosecutor General.

According to the agreement with the Prosecutor, each of those convicted must pay a fine in the amount of 1,500 non-taxable minimum incomes, which amounts to 25 500 UAH.

The parties came to an agreement on the charges under part 2 of article 28 of the criminal code – the Commission of a crime by a group of persons upon a preliminary collusion, as well as to part 2, article 369-2 of the criminal code – the acceptance of an offer, promise or receipt of unlawful benefit for himself or a third person for influence on the decisions of the person authorized to perform state functions, or offer or promise to influence the provision of such benefits.

Three citizens detained November 1, 2016 at the time of transfer of funds.

This occurred after a statement in NABOO about the bribe asked by the candidate to the position of detective.

Reward malefactors promised impact on the decision of the first Deputy Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau as the first head of the competition Committee. It is established that one of the detainees gave out itself for the employee of the NABOO, using pseudocolouring employee of the Bureau.

Recorded two facts of transfer of funds: 20 October and 1 November 2016, at the sushi bar and restaurant in the center of Kiev. First 1 thousand dollars, then another 4 thousand dollars.

The court fined the extortion of bribes for a position in NABOO 05.01.2017

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