The court extended the arrest of three «Berkut officers» accused of murder of 48 activists of the Maidan

Svyatoshinsky district court of Kyiv extended until February 26, the detention of ex-employees of «Berkut» Alexander marinchenko, Temtory Sergei and Oleg Janiszewski, accused in the shooting death of 48 activists of the Euromaidan.

This was said by the presiding judge Victoria Zhmud, report «Ukrainian news».

Thus, the court satisfied the petition of Prosecutor’s office.

In turn lawyers of defendants noted that marynchenko, Janiszewski and Tatura not hiding from the investigation, and marynchenko at all 3 times was in the area of the ATO as an employee of the Ministry of internal Affairs and has the status of combatants. The court rejected these arguments.

Also, the court sent the materials of the criminal proceedings against Janiszewski, Temtory and marynchenko for Association with the case of former soldiers of «Berkut» Sergey Zinchenko and Paul Abroskin, the trial against whom for almost a year Svyatoshinsky regional court.

As reported, on 5 February the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak and Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin reported to the President Petro Poroshenko about the discovery of fragments of the fire cut weapon from which shot on the Maidan.

«With the big share of probability it is possible to say that the fragments 22 Kalashnikov rifles and one Kalashnikov machine gun, except this is a single barrel 12-gauge hunting shotguns», — said Hrytsak.

In turn Shokin promised to soon announce in what cases the weapon was used.

On 9 February in the national stated that the specific persons who fired on the activists of Euromaidan at Institutskaya street in Kiev February 20, 2014.

«It is now established. 25 18 fighters of a specialcompany «Golden eagle», two of their commander, who is also wanted. And five people are in custody right now. Two of them — the Svyatoshinsky court, three — it is finished today,» said attorney special Control General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine Roman Psyc.

Earlier in the SBU established that the victims of Maidan activists on 20 February 2014 at Instytutska street in Kyiv was not 39, and 48. Also we completed the investigation on 80 counts related to the infliction of gunshot wounds.

Reference: Euromaidan and the investigation of murder of protesters in Kiev

At the end of November 2013, the refusal of the Ukrainian government from signing the Association Agreement with the European Union became the root cause of mass in the modern history of the state of the protests. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on November 21, 2013 decided to suspend the process of preparations for signing the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, which was to be signed at the Vilnius summit of «Eastern partnership» on November 28-29.

After beating scores of students on Independence square in Kiev by the police special forces «Berkut» on the night of 30 November 2013, on the streets of cities of Ukraine there were hundreds of thousands of citizens.

The protests lasted from late November until the end of February 2014 and received the name «Euromaidan», «Maidan», and later «Revolution of Dignity». The result was that then-President Viktor Yanukovych in February, after the mass shooting of unarmed civilians on the Maidan in Kiev and fled to Russia.

More than a hundred civilians killed during the overthrow of the authoritarian regime of Viktor Yanukovych in the winter of 2013-2014, are called the Heavenly hundred.

According to the Ministry of health of Ukraine, since 18 February 2014 in clashes in Kiev suffered 1 528 people were killed 106 members of anti-government protests.

On suspicion of involvement in the killings in Kiev in winter 2013-2014 were detained two senior leaders of the security service of Ukraine (SBU), as well as three officers and two soldiers of «Berkut».

We are talking about the former head of the counterintelligence Department of the security service of Ukraine, General Vladimir, the Ox, and the former head of the security service of Ukraine in Kiev and Kiev region Alexander Shchegolev. Bull accused in the overall planning and implementation of the special operation on suppression of mass protests, as well as in the implementation of the orders of the chief of the Fifth Department of the FSB Sergei Conversation, O. O., which coordinated a «clean up» the Maidan from the Kremlin; Shchegoleva — a deliberate arson House of trade unions, where the headquarters of the opposition.

As for Colonel «alpha» and at that time the head of Department of coordination special purpose of Department of combat and special training of GU VV Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine, 45-year-old Sergei Ivanovich Asvalue (aka «ACA», «AU»), whose identity was allegedly established media and, in fact, the «Maidan» during a mass shooting, charges against him were not filed. In the summer of 2014 he told the reporters about her active participation in the ATO. Note that in the documents of the parliamentary temporary investigative Commission headed by Gennady Moskal it is Asavelûk was named one of the officers directly involved in the death of the «Heavenly hundreds».

Through the interior Ministry for the killing on the Maidan is detained the militia Lieutenant Colonel — Deputy commander of the regiment of militia of a special purpose of head Department of the MIA of Ukraine in Kiev (former «Golden eagle»), Oleg Janiszewski and two its subordinates — ordinary «Berkut» Paul Abroskin and Sergey Zinchenko. Supervisor Zinchenko and Abroskin, major «Berkut» Dmitry Gardener has escaped from house arrest and, according to some reports, is hiding in Putin’s Russia.

Janiszewski Gardener, Zinchenko and Abroskin are on episode 20 February 2014, when on Institute in Kiev from the bullets of security forces killed 39 people. The events of that day are best investigated during a pretrial investigation, which cannot be said about other episodes, especially about the first deaths on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti and Grushevskogo street.

Involved in crimes against civil patrol «avtomaydanovets» in the night of 22 to 23 January 2014 the commander of a company №1 of Kyiv’s «Berkut» Michael Dobrovolsky is under house arrest the night (from 23:00 to 07:00) and wears an electronic monitoring anklet.

The pre-trial investigation of the company commander No. 2 of the Kiev «Berkut officers» Anatoly Logvinenko, who is also a suspect in the attack on Automaidan, was completed on November 24.

A suspect is in custody. In respect of him a preventive measure in the form of house arrest, while Pechersk district court refused to oblige him to wear an electronic tracking bracelet.

The commander of a company №3 Kiev «Golden Eagle» Eugene Antonov, who was responsible for the brutal crackdown on Student independence near the Independence Monument in Kiev, generally recovered at work. Then death was not, but one of the victims from the actions of the police had spent weeks in a coma.

Dobrovolsky, Logvinenko and Antonov are not involved in the violent deaths of members of the Revolution of Dignity.

At the same time, the head of the disbanded Lviv «Berkut» Rostislav Pozeska the Kyiv court of appeals released under house arrest in defiance of the state office of public Prosecutor. Subordinate Pozeska he is 18 February 2014 was near the Verkhovna Rada and in Mariinsk Park in Serfs lane — where that day at the hands of the internal Affairs officers and «aunts» were killed several participants of the anti-presidential protest actions (in particular, a diver from Kremenchug, 44-year-old Igor Serdyuk, long considered headless). The consequence does not exclude that these deaths may be related to the division of Pozeska.

The commander of «Berkut» in Kiev region, whose name is not specified, the court decided to detain for the brutal beating of participants of the anti-presidential campaign and journalists committed by 1 December 2013 on Bankova street. About this Genprokuratura of Ukraine reported on 25 September.

It remains unclear, says Lee, in particular, the Colonel of militia the Roller, Paul R., on the Ministry of interior says the latest regional head of the Kiev «Berkut». The volunteers were informed about the alleged fact-documented cash payments on his name from the «black funds» of Yanukovych for the protection of Mezhyhirya and Sukholuchya, and in the fall of 2015 he was going to run for the Council.

October 15, the Office of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine jointly with the security Service of Ukraine was detained one of the former regional commander of one of special forces «Berkut». He informed about the suspicion of «organizing the abuse of power their subordinates during the events of 18 February 2014 on Hrushevskoho street and Krepostnoy lane in Kiev and committing their crimes against protesters, which led to the occurrence of serious consequences» (part 3 of article 365 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

All of the above persons are waiting for the court verdict. The trial of their cases continues.

According to the head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, in General, for crimes against Euromaidan involved or are already involved in «more than 120 people» from various law enforcement agencies. The Minister promises to soon provide the public with a complete list of these persons with indication of positions held, as well as articles of the criminal code, type and term of punishment.

As for the prospects of criminal prosecution of the top officials of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych and, in fact, the ex-President, the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk already
twice he applied to the international criminal court (ICC) on the recognition of the action of the Rome Statute to recognize the jurisdiction of the court in respect of war crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine in winter 2013-2014. Only in the case of Ukraine’s accession to the Rome Statute will be possible to involve someone from former officials to criminal prosecution as a war criminal and demand that another country (if it is hidden suspect) gave him to the ICC.

A final ICC decision is still not accepted, specially assigned Affairs of Ukraine, the Prosecutor of this court continues to study the situation.

The first application was filed on 17 April, the second on 29 September.

According to media reports and according to lawyers of the ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who is now hiding in the territory of the Russian Federation, where under the personal patronage of Vladimir Putin. One of the residences of the former Ukrainian President is situated in the suburbs, another near Sochi.

Yanukovych, according to the Prosecutor General’s office, personally ordered the executions of people on Maidan.

In General, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin consider case of execution of Heavenly one hundred «in fact rassledovaniem». About Shokin said on October 17.

The court extended the arrest of three «Berkut officers» accused of murder of 48 activists of the Maidan 16.02.2016

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