The court explained the reinstatement of the suspect in the «case of Princes» Smoke lack of evidence the legality of the dismissal

The judge of District administrative court of Kiev Ruslan arsiriy p. about explained the decision to restore a suspect in the case about the shooting in Prince Leonid Smoking as head of the criminal investigation Department of the Main Directorate of Ukraine in Kiev, the absence of proof to the legality of the dismissal, reported in the January 15 press service of the court.

Arsiriy p. about noted that the court repeatedly tried to investigation about the circumstances of events in the City.

«However, it was found that these materials were removed from the Ministry and sent to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. At the same time the Prosecutor General’s office told the court about the impossibility of providing any copies of requested documents for possible disclosure of secrecy of the investigation and disclosure of state secrets during a trial. It was also noted that one of the Main actors currently lack the technical ability to make copies of these materials in the regime of secret of office», – told in the press service of the court.

20 December 2017, the court decided to recognize illegal and cancel orders of the national police of Ukraine in Kiev of January 27, 2017 resignation of the Colonel of police chief of criminal investigation Department. Netpolicy was also ordered to pay the Smoking 104 thousand UAH wages during his suspension from service.

4 December 2016 in the village of kniazhychi skirmish between police. It was reported that killed five law enforcement officers: two police officers guard two operatives and one employee of special forces of KORD.

Acting national police head of Vadim Troyan claimed that the Prince held a special operation to expose the dangerous groups involved in robberies and looting, which included persons «relevant to law enforcement agencies.»

Jan 13, 2017 in national police announced the completion of the internal investigation of the incident in Princes. According to the results, was dismissed eight people.

30 Aug GPU reported about suspicion, three officials of the National police in the case of a shootout in the City. They are suspected of abuse of power, murder of two and more persons in a manner dangerous to the lives of many individuals, and also in attempt at a premeditated murder. August 31, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko said that his Department is preparing eight more suspicion in the case of a shootout in the City.

September 1, the court chose the Smoking measure in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest.

6 September, a similar measure of restraint the court has chosen a senior inspector of the special forces of the Ministry of internal Affairs of KORD Andrew Kurty, September 7 – for the ex-Deputy chief of the criminal investigation Department of Shevchenkovsky Department of the police of Kiev Roman Marinovsky.

5 December 2017, the Prosecutor’s office reported about suspicion to two ex-heads of departments of the Kyiv police on the case about the shooting.

The court explained the reinstatement of the suspect in the «case of Princes» Smoke lack of evidence the legality of the dismissal 16.01.2018

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