The court discharged the Uzhgorod Deputy mayor of DAC

The court dismissed Stephen’s DAC to the post of first Deputy mayor of Uzhgorod. The decision was announced on 31 January at the meeting of Uzhgorod city district court judge Oleg Primacy, reports

Thus the court has satisfied the petition of investigation, which argued that being next to the posts, DAC could not obstruct the establishment of truth.

DAC removed from office for 2 months, until March 30, inclusive. To appeal against this decision is possible within a 5 day period, said the judge, reading a decision.

At the same time, Primacy announced that it will appeal to the Prosecutor General stating that on Monday, workers of the Transcarpathian Prosecutor’s office disrupted the work of the court, not appearing in the meeting.

Recall Stephen’s DAC is suspected of bribery.

January 25, Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said first Deputy mayor of Uzhgorod accused of extorting 40 thousand hryvnias from the businessman for resolution of land privatization.

DAC says the opposite.

The court discharged the Uzhgorod Deputy mayor of DAC 31.01.2017

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