The court decided in favor of major Tolstosheev that killed woman

The appellate court did not allow the prosecution to increase bail in Stanislaus Tolstosheev, so this last one remains at large, pre-paying a security Deposit of 140 thousand UAH. This is stated in the plot of the TV channel news «24».

«A month ago, the 22-year-old boy flew into the sidewalk and ran over and killed a woman. The family started making excuses that the son lost consciousness because of an attack of epilepsy. The Prosecutor’s office demanded that the pledge grew from 140 thousand to 5 million. A grief-the driver was arrested. But the court allowed to post bail. Need almost 140 thousand in the family quickly found. Meanwhile, the prosecution requested to increase the Deposit to 5 million. I’m afraid that 140 thousand — a small amount of money for the family of the businessman», — stated in the message.

Prosecutors say interrogation was not so much. To the investigator Tolstosheev came only once.

In the end the court of Appeal rejected the claim of the Prosecutor to increase the size of the Deposit. And so like a lot of money. The family of the suspect says that preparing for the worst for them, the decision of the court.

We will remind, on January 9, the son of a businessman from Druzhkivka Stanislav Tolstosheev near the metro station «left Bank» left on the curb and hit people. Killed an elderly woman. Charges Tolstosheev filed only on the fourth day after the accident.

Immediately after this incident, the driver of the car ended up in the hospital. His lawyers argued that the accident occurred because the driver became ill — although the eyewitnesses of the tragedy Tolstosheev seemed drunk.

The court decided in favor of major Tolstosheev that killed woman 12.02.2016

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