The court arrested the deserters Odintsov and Baranov with the right Deposit

The court arrested the detainees on the administrative border with the occupied Crimea the former Ukrainian military personnel by Alexandra Baranova and Maxim Odintsov , with the possibility of bail, according to the head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak.

«The detained deserters transferred to the military Prosecutor, as required by law. Against them court elected the measure of restraint in form of detention. Unfortunately, there is envisaged the possibility of bail,» said Hrytsak at a briefing in Kyiv on Tuesday November 22, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Media reported the details of the life of the detainees near the Crimea deserters

According to him, the actions of the deserters would be considered by the Ukrainian investigators.

«Perhaps it would be even changed, and I hope the judicial perspective», — said Hrytsak.

Rак reports «gromadske radio» with reference to the first Deputy military Prosecutor of the southern region of Ukraine Peter Visnyk, the decision on arrest for two months with possibility of bail in respect of Baranova and Odintsov took the Central district court of Nikolaev.

«The investigative judge of the Central district court of the city of Nikolaev passed the decision, having satisfied the petition of the investigator of the military Prosecutor of the Nikolaev garrison and chose a measure of restraint for younger Sergeant Alexander V. Baranov — detention or 350 thousand bail and also granted the motion with respect to the warrant officer Maxim Odintsov on the measure of restraint — detention or 250 thousands of mortgage», — told Visnyk.

The head of the SBU Basil Gritsak proinformiroval that two Ukrainian soldiers-deserters were detained at the checkpoint «Chongar» (Kherson region).

«The detention of criminals has actually occurred at the checkpoint «Chongar», — said the head of the security Service.

He also said: «the SBU has received information that these former soldiers, deserters, and at first they were three, they wanted to turn the corrupt transaction, and to obtain documents… about the end of the institution… initiated with certain individuals from among the citizens of Ukraine and wanted to buy these documents to become officers of the Russian Federation. For this they arrived at KPVV «Chongar», where I was supposed to meet the courier».

Detention on the administrative border with the occupied Crimea the former Ukrainian troops Baranov and Odintsov provocation was not, emphasizes the head of the SBU.

«You could see for yourself… that we did not make any provocations», — said Hrytsak.

He stressed that the secret service is looking for deserters, not only from among members of the Armed forces of Ukraine, but also from the ranks of the SBU.

«Unfortunately, we also have deserters who defected to the enemy. More than 1 thousand 300 employees of the security Service of Ukraine, who served in the Crimean Chapter», — said Hrytsak.

Hrytsak does not exclude that the detained servicemen can get on the list for the exchange of hostages.

«It’s hard for me to answer. Theoretically it can be. But their fate will determine first the investigator, in accordance with the Criminal procedural code… and then have the court», — said the head of the SBU at a briefing, answering the question of whether these people to get to the lists on the exchange.

However, the head of the SBU confirmed that the arrested soldiers suspected of desertion, presented a Russian passport.

As reported, on November 21 in the SBU said that the detained admingranitse in the Crimea two deserters, who, after the annexation of the Peninsula moved to serve in the Russian army.

In Russia claim that former Ukrainian military, who changed the oath, allegedly enticed to the point «Dzhankoy».

The court arrested the deserters Odintsov and Baranov with the right Deposit 22.11.2016

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