The counsel for the informant vada Rodchenkov said that in the «top Russia’s list of hate»

Informant world anti-doping Agency (WADA), former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov is in grave danger, because at least one Russian official threatened him with violence. This was stated by the lawyer Rodchenkova Jim Walden on radio BBC.

In the opinion of counsel threatening Rodchenkova must be taken seriously because he is in the «top Russia’s list of hate».

Walden noted that Rodchenkov is prepared to testify at the meeting in the Sports arbitration court in Lausanne Affairs of the Russian athletes suspended from Olympics for life, as well as against the Vice-Prime Minister and former Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko.

According to the lawyer, the informant vada will testify at both meetings. He stressed that after the completion of the hearing, you must make sure that his client is safe.

In December of 2017 Walden reported that Rodchenkov feared for his life because of the role it played in the investigation of doping violations in Russia.

In November 2015, WADA has published a report which accused the Russian Federation in government support of doping. The report noted that Russian special services were covered systematic doping Russian athletes, admits the «direct intimidation and interference» in the work of the WADA-accredited anti-doping laboratory in Moscow.

Because of the doping scandal, the national team of Russia on athletics was removed from the Olympic games in 2016. Also the Russian team at full strength is not allowed to the summer Paralympics.

5 Dec, IOC because of the systematic anti-doping rule violations barred from participating in the 2018 Olympics, the national Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation. The IOC Executive Board also suspended for life from any involvement in the Olympics and former sports Minister Mutko and his former Deputy Yury Nagornykh.

December 14, WADA informed on the cooperation of the Agency with 60 international sports bodies to anti-doping investigations. The Director of WADA’s intelligence and investigations Gunther Younger announced that it will be used data from the Moscow anti-doping laboratory.

The counsel for the informant vada Rodchenkov said that in the «top Russia’s list of hate» 14.01.2018

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