The Council supported the creation of a Unified state register of cases of domestic violence

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine took as basis the draft law on preventing and combating domestic violence.

The relevant draft law (No. 5294) in the first reading was supported by 238 deputies at the plenary session on Thursday.

During the discussion of the bill representatives of several factions: the Radical party, «Batkischyny», the Opposition bloc has proposed to exclude from the draft law the concept of «gender».

«We eliminate the concept of «gender» from the bill,» — confirmed the Deputy Minister of social policy of Ukraine Natalia Fedorovych.

In turn, the first Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko after the discussion, announced that in preparing the document for the second reading the working group will attract representatives of the Ukrainian Council of churches.

In the draft law, the definitions of different types of violence: domestic, economic, psychological, physical, sexual. Also defined the concept of «prevention» and «combating domestic violence», «restrictive regulation».

The bill provides for the creation of the Unified state register of cases of domestic violence created with the help of automated electronic databases, according to which the collection, storage, protection, accounting, search, use of aggregated data on cases of domestic violence.

Also defined a list of agencies that assist victims of domestic violence, prescribed their powers and the order of actions in case of revealing of facts of domestic violence, as well as the interaction of state bodies among themselves in these matters.

The bill defines the powers of Central Executive authorities that form and implement the state policy in the sphere of prevention and counteraction to domestic violence, as well as authority services for children in the sphere of prevention and counteraction of corruption and the competent units of the National police.

The powers of bodies, health care institutions is proposed to include the development and approval of standard medical aid to victims of domestic violence, approval of procedure for conducting and documenting results of medical examinations of victims.

Also spelled out the procedure by which medical institutions in this field. They should inform local authorities and the National police on the identification of injuries that could occur as a result of domestic violence, in the case of a child in Service for children, provide medical care tailored to individual needs.

So, if there are injuries of a criminal nature, victims are directed for medical examination; the detection of injuries, evidence of sexual violence, victims are directed to testing for HIV infection.

In addition, discharged the rights of victims of domestic violence and special measures for combating domestic violence. Such measures include restrictive injunction against the offender, take him preventive registration and for maintenance work, the direction of the passage programs for offenders.

Earlier it was reported that over the past five years the police have registered a growth of cases of domestic violence from 110 thousand to 165 thousand.

The Council supported the creation of a Unified state register of cases of domestic violence 17.11.2016

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