The Council of the public integrity criticized the appointment of judges of the new Supreme Court of Ukraine

The results of the contest in the Supreme Court of Ukraine is «unfair and disproportionate expectations on cleaning and upgrading of the judiciary». This is stated in the title of the Public Council of integrity (OSD) to the President of Petro Poroshenko from November 13.

«We are extremely concerned that the winners were the judges who banned peaceful Assembly in times square, grossly violated fundamental human rights, as recorded by the European court of human rights has indicated false information in the Declaration of integrity, could not explain his status, which clearly do not correspond with their incomes, handed down politically motivated decisions, contributed to evasion of responsibility «of judges of the Maidan» and so on», – said the activists.

With the CDE stressed that Poroshenko «has ignored all calls about» the irregularities in the selection of judges.

«We strongly disagree with the assertion that public opinion was «maximum consideration». Moreover, society is still not reasonably explained why the conclusions about the discrepancy of candidates the criteria of integrity were rejected. We have the impression that we were being used to legitimize the desired result in the eyes of society,» said the Council.

30 September 2016 entered into force constitutional changes in terms of justice and the new law «On judicial system and status of judges», according to which the ultimate speccode and the Supreme Court are eliminated and instead creates a new Supreme Court of cassation chambers.

27 July 2017, the High qualification Commission of judges determined the winners for the 120 posts of judges of the new Supreme Court.

The participants received vocational and psychological tests, examination of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, the National Agency for prevention of corruption and Public integrity Council.

July 31, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine said that the integrity of some of the winners of the contest in doubt. The head of the Department of justice and legal cooperation of the Council of Europe Hannah Juncker praised the competition.

On 29 September the High Council of justice recommended that the President of Ukraine of 114 candidates for appointment to the post of judges of the Supreme Court.

Public Council of integrity, who oversaw the contest, urged Poroshenko not to approve nominations prior to the completion of judicial review of possible violations in the selection. Higher qualification Commission has called the appeal «an abuse of power».

11 Nov Poroshenko has appointed 113 of the judges of the new Supreme Court. According to «Ukrainian news», the President rejected the candidacy of a judge of the High specialized court for civil and criminal cases Sergey Slynko, who left in force the verdict to the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko in 2013.

The Council of the public integrity criticized the appointment of judges of the new Supreme Court of Ukraine 14.11.2017

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