The Council has introduced new monitoring tool procurement

The Verkhovna Rada during the evening session adopted the draft law No. 4738-d in the second reading and as a whole, which introduced the automatic risk indicators for public procurement, the correspondent of the Internet edition «GORDON».

«For» vote of 226 deputies.

Under the bill, automatic indicators of risk – a «criteria with the specified parameters in advance, which enables to automatically implement the selection procedures for procurement, containing signs of violations of legislation in the sphere of public procurement».

It is assumed that the bodies authorized to exercise control in this sphere, have no right to intervene in the procurement procedures.

The decision on the beginning of monitoring is taken by the head of the state control body or his Deputy on the basis of automatic risk indicators, information received from authorities, from the media or from public associations, and also identified on the state financial control signs of violations of the law.

Provided that monitoring continues no longer than 15 working days. Extend it can by decision of the head of the state control body or his Deputy, but not more than 10 working days.

According to monitoring results, prepared report, which is subject to publication in electronic procurement system within three working days.

First Deputy Minister of economic development and trade Maxim nefodov wrote in Facebook that each tender will be checked from the announcement until the signing of the contract for compliance with certain criteria.

He noted that the first of such criteria is 25.

«If there are «red flags» that the State audit service carries out online monitoring of the procurement. If the results are disappointing, then come to check, determine the amount of damages and referred the case to law enforcement. All stats will be online to «nonsense of everyone was visible» – said nefodov.

The Council has introduced new monitoring tool procurement 21.12.2017

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