The Council at first reading adopted the law on housing and communal services

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in the first reading supported the draft law No. 1581-d «About zhilishchno-utilities».

The adoption of the law voted 242 deputies of Verkhovna Rada, transfers «RBC-Ukraine».

Thus, the draft law establishes the procedure of conclusion of contracts by consumers to receive the whole complex of housing and communal services — service management, water supply, waste management, gas, electricity.

«In this law there are such thing as a standard contract management, you receive the transparency and distribution of fees for management, which separately allocates the reward to the Manager and the service at the home, so people clearly understand that is in their house, and actually going to the Manager,» said the people’s Deputy Olena Babak.

According to her, introduced absolutely new for Ukraine the concept of the Autonomous heat supply.

«If in the house there is a boiler room, the tariff will be determined solely for consumers of this house, and will they be translated into the rate of heating is today,» the MP said.

So, the law provides that consumers in apartment buildings the thermal energy is supplied in accordance with the agreement on the provision of public services in supply of heat energy. So, stipulates that the tariffs for thermal energy produced and delivered using systems of Autonomous heating, and are formed separately for each apartment building, equipped with Autonomous heating system, taking into account the cost of production and supply of thermal energy in such systems and the profitability of a business entity engaged in such activities

In addition, displayed in a separate service waste management, introduces the quality of housing and communal services.

In particular, it is established that the owners or tenants, users, including tenants, sources of household waste land enter into contracts with service provider for removal of household waste, and make payment of services in waste management and provide for separate collection of household waste. Provider of services for removal of waste determines the local government on a competitive basis in accordance with legislation.

The contractor on the waste management contracts for rendering services on waste management with consumers. The contractor on the waste management contracts for rendering services on processing and disposal of waste with economic entities providing such services in accordance with the scheme of sanitary cleaning of the village.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the debt of the population on payment of housing and communal services in December decreased to 8.8 billion UAH. 7 December 2015, the Minister of social policy Pavlo Rozenko said that the subsidies for payment of housing and communal services has addressed more than 5 million Ukrainian households, which shows an increase in the current year the effectiveness of this system in 6 times in comparison with 2014. The Minister said that 200 thousand of these applications are under consideration.

The Council at first reading adopted the law on housing and communal services 02.02.2016

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