The COP will try again to repeal the lustration activists

Thursday, October 27, the constitutional court will continue the trial on the constitutionality of certain provisions of the Law «About the cleansing power» behind closed doors. This is stated in the schedule on the website of the COP.

Chairman of the Board of the NGO «Public lustration Committee» Sasha Drik in the blog on «Ukrainian truth» has reminded that the constitutional court began proceedings six years ago.

«And 15 times (!) violation of the terms of consideration, still not made any decisions,» she said.

«Judges have repeatedly tried to repeal the law, but still we managed to protect the law. The fact that a third of the current membership of the CCU — the same judge who took the decision to change the Constitution in 2010, which led to the seizure of power by Yanukovych in an unconstitutional way. During this Parliament, in 2014 decided to dismiss for violation of the oath of a judge,» she said.

Drik also said that the President still has not fired the judges appointed on his quota.

In addition, Drik recalled that the Prosecutor General’s office has opened proceedings against the constitutional court judges «and even found evidence of the Commission of the judges of the CCU of a criminal offence, but two years and failed to declare them on suspicion».

«Moreover, in 2016 the investigation was transferred to the Department of Gorbatyuk , which Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko on the days actually disbanded», — she added.

«Meanwhile, the judge Yanukovych in the SIC continue to take the name of Ukraine fateful decisions for the country: «lustration, e-Declaration, changes to the Constitution in terms of decentralization and of justice. In recent days, the President did for all judges of KSU gift — removing the violation of the oath of the list of grounds for dismissal of judges and allowing judges to dismiss ourselves,» protested Drik.

Recall that on 10 June the constitutional Court of Ukraine continued its consideration in a closed part of the plenary session several views regarding the constitutionality of several provisions of the Law of Ukraine «On cleaning power». KSU is considering a case on the constitutionality of several provisions of the law on lustration for the views of the Supreme court of Ukraine and 47 people’s deputies.

We will note, Ukraine as of October 10, lyustrirovali 938.

The COP will try again to repeal the lustration activists 27.10.2016

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