The company Deripaska has submitted the claim to Manafort, accusing him of fraud for $26 million

A company of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska Surf Horizon Limited 10 January filed a lawsuit in the Supreme court of the state of new York to the former head of the election headquarters of Donald trump manufactu the Floor and his assistant Rick gates. Information about this posted on the court’s website.

The authors of the claim argue that Manafort and gates in 2008 worked in the investment Surf in the Ukrainian group of telecommunications companies Black Sea Cable, which had lost more than $26 million.

In may 2017 affiliated with Surf company Limited Adoptol allegedly received «evidence» that the defendants «diverted to itself millions of dollars from this transaction».

Surf Horizon Limited wishes to obtain $1.1 million in compensation for fraud, another $1.75 million for the cost of legal services in uncovering the scheme and $25 million in compensation of losses incurred as a result of the actions of Manafort and gates.

In March 2017, the Associated Press reported that from 2006 to 2009, Manafort was secretly working for Deripaska in the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the Agency, he developed a strategy that involves discrediting the anti-Russian opposition in post-Soviet countries. Deripaska accused the publication of libel.

NBC News noted that Manafort took loans from Deripaska for about $60 million.

The New York Times wrote that before working in the election headquarters trump in 2016 Manafort owed Deripaska and former Ukrainian MP from the Party of regions Ivan Fursin about $17 million.

October 30, 2017 of Manafort and gates was accused of conspiracy against the United States. They were charged on 12 counts and sent under house arrest. According to the investigation, Manafort and gates generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue as a result of their work in Ukraine. First laundered more than $18 million and the second $3 million

In December, the court allowed Manafort to move to Florida and ordered to wear an electronic bracelet.

The company Deripaska has submitted the claim to Manafort, accusing him of fraud for $26 million 11.01.2018

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