The Committee on national security re-supported the exclusion of Savchenko, and the SBU, said it violated article

The Committee on national security and defence recommends that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to exclude the Deputy of Hope Savchenko a member of the Committee. This decision was made at the Committee meeting on Wednesday, January 18, 2016, transfers «RBC — Ukraine».

«We are fighting is not with you, but with your stupidity,» the Grouse turned to Savchenko
SBU named article of the law «On combating terrorism» that violated Savchenko, publishing their lists of hostages

«In order to avoid Savchenko from our Committee please support this resolution as a whole,» said MP Andrew Teteruk.

On the same occasion were also made by Ivan Vinnik.

The decision was supported by ten members of the Committee.

Savchenko reacted very emotionally, an argument began.

In particular, Savchenko repeated his yesterday’s statement about the impossibility of the return of the occupied areas of Donbass and the Crimean Peninsula by military force and has accused the Ukrainian authorities that they for this reason «fool people».

According to the MP, the impossibility of its further participation in the work of the Committee need his leadership to continue the alleged corruption in the «Ukroboronprom» and «looting army» («instead of making her strong»). «… And in the scenario which you promise people to return weapons, back weapons, strength, the Crimea and the Donbass», — she added.

As reported by «Novinama», then the head of the Committee Serhiy Pashinsky called on the General Prosecutor to give a legal assessment of the latest actions and statements Savchenko. «The information that we have heard gives us reason to appeal to the GPU to give a legal assessment of the statements winnick, to representatives of the SBU. And we have the legislation, let it (process of elimination Savchenko — ed.) goes in the framework of current legislation», — said Pashinsky.

The 13-minute video debate Savchenko with Committee members on his page in Facebook posted by the journalist Marianna Prisyajnyuk.

At the same time, the Procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada did not support the position of their colleagues from the defense Committee. «The draft resolution, to put it mildly, is imperfect from the point of view of observance of requirements of the rules… There is such a proposal — to approve the report, which… to invite the Parliament to decide by a vote, by support, or not support,» — said the first Deputy head of procedural Committee Pavlo Pynzenyk.

Note that the decision to exclude Savchenko’s defence Committee had already been adopted at the end of last 2016 simultaneously with the deprivation of its membership in the PACE delegation and the parliamentary faction «Batkivshchyna».

A new attempt at its exclusion from this Committee connected with the publication of her own lists of the Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war and with a new series of her controversial political statements — in particular, about the possibility of rejection of the Crimea in exchange for peace in Donbas.

«We are fighting is not with you, but with your stupidity,» the Teeruk asked to Savchenko

Teteruk said that the Committee on national security and defence does not fight with the Hope Savchenko personally and to her «nonsense» reports «Эспресо.TV».

«You have learned to manipulate and demagogically talking on all the topics that you hear now. Surprising and strange that all of your points coincide with the rhetoric of the terrorists and the Kremlin. Have you thought about this: why do your statements match the abstract States with whom we are fighting?» — said Teteruk.

Teteruk said that «reckless behaviour Savchenko will lead to a breakdown of negotiations about the exchange of prisoners».

«And the idea that we are fighting with you — it is wrong. We are not fighting with you, and with your folly. We’re struggling with your irresponsible,» — said Teteruk.

He stressed that Savchenko is the only one of the deputies, who on the international stage playing to the rhetoric of the Kremlin.

SBU named article of the law «On combating terrorism» that violated Savchenko, publishing their lists of hostages

The security Service of Ukraine announced the provisions of the act «On combating terrorism» and other normative acts, the violation of which MP Savchenko (independent) published lists of hostages. The chief of staff of the Antiterrorist center of the SBU Gennady Kuznetsov at the meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence explained that the law «On combating terrorism» defines the subjects of fight against terrorism, among which the Verkhovna Rada or by individual members no.

Kuznetsov noted that article 16 of this law defines the terms of negotiation with terrorists and imposes these obligations on persons specially authorized by the leadership of the operational headquarters. «Nadezhda Viktorovna (Savchenko — ed.) is the operational headquarters of the ATO was not authorized», — quotes its words «Interfax-Ukraine».

Kuznetsov said that Savchenko was not also entitled to information, under article 17 of the law «On combating terrorism». «This article provides for the prohibition of distribution through the media or by other means of information, which can complicate the conduct of anti-terrorist operation and/or endanger the life and health of the hostages…», — said the chief of staff of the ATC.

However, he noted that data on the composition of the representatives of the operational staff involved in the ATO, and also the individuals that contribute to the ATO, can be published only with their consent. «We know that as of today the information on the receipt of consent from persons the list of which was published by Nadezhda Viktorovna, we do not have», — said Kuznetsov.

In addition, he noted that, according to the order of the head of the SBU, statements about planning, the organization of anti-terrorist measures — calculations of forces and means, personal data of individuals involved in the ATO, given the degree of secrecy «Confidential».

«With regard to violations of the law «On combating terrorism» – I have those articles listed,» said Kuznetsov during the discussion at the meeting of the Committee.

In response Savchenko (independent) said that they had not violated state secrets by publishing the lists of hostages.

«At present, the Minsk process is very long did not show results. All I wanted to do is to help in the end this process to take effect. And people need to return. As if someone criticized my actions, the law I had violated a state secret I can keep. I do not recognize any charges that were brought against me, including treason,» — said Savchenko.

The MP stressed that they are ready to defend «for every action, every word, before judgment, before the Tribunal, before anything».

«I have not committed any violations in an evil state of Ukraine. I have always protected him, protect and I will protect it», — said Savchenko.

The Committee on national security re-supported the exclusion of Savchenko, and the SBU, said it violated article 18.01.2017

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