The Commission proposes to create a European defence Fund

The College of commissioners the European Commission adopted the European action plan on defense, which proposes to create a European defence Fund.

As reported in the European Union Representation in Ukraine, the plan was approved on Wednesday 30 November, UNIAN reports.

In addition, the action plan envisages a series of measures aimed at encouraging the member countries of the EU to spend more on common defense campaign, strengthening the security of citizens and the development of a competitive and innovative industrial base.

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in an annual speech «About the state of the Union» stressed the importance of building a strong Europe that can protect and defend their citizens in the EU and beyond, and this goal cannot be achieved without innovation and investment of resources in the defense industry. Adopted the European action plan on defense is the epitome of this vision, added to the representation.

The Commission proposes to establish a defence Fund to support investment in collaborative research and the creation of equipment and technology, increase investment in small and medium enterprises, startups, company, average market capitalization, and the strengthening of a single European defense market.

The proposed plan will include two «Windows», which complement each other: the «window of studies» and «window of opportunity», but will have a different legal basis and different sources of budget filling.

In particular, through the «window of studies» will be funded by a joint research work of such innovative defense technologies, such as electronics, metamaterials, encrypted software and robotics.

The European Commission has already proposed in the draft EU budget for 2017 25 million euros for defence studies and expects that these budget allocations will grow to 90 million Euro up to 2020. However, in the multi-year financial programs, the European Commission after 2020 intends to propose a program of research in the field of defense with a budget of about 500 million euros per year.

It is also said that the «window of opportunity» will become the financial tool that will allow member countries of the EU together to buy certain assets to reduce their price. This «window» should provide the possibility of raising about 5 billion euros per year.

As reported, on 14 November, the Ministers of defence and foreign Affairs of the EU agreed on a plan for the defense and security of the European Union.

The Commission proposes to create a European defence Fund 01.12.2016

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