The Cocabo court sentenced to 3.5 years in prison

Ivano-Frankivsk city court sentenced a blogger and journalist Ruslan Cocabo to 3.5 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.

About it reports the edition out of the courtroom.

The court did not find corpus delicti in the accreditation Kotsaba on occupied territory and his participation in show on Russian television.

«The court sees no signs of high treason in the publication of Ruslan Kocabey video message to the President of Ukraine «I am against mobilization.» However, its actions are qualified under article 114-1 of the criminal code of Ukraine — obstruction of the legitimate actions of the Armed forces of Ukraine in the special period», — said the judge.

«The decision of the court Ruslan Kotsaba to assign a sentence of 3 years and 6 months imprisonment» – he stressed.

The court also canceled the arrest of the property Kotsaba seized during the search – money, phones and video equipment.

The high treason was also filmed.

The same punishment was awarded for the calls to abandon mobilization and obstructing the work of the APU.

We will remind, the Prosecutor’s office asked the court to sentence Cocabo to 13 years of imprisonment under article 111 of the Criminal code — treason. According to the court, the Prosecutor, kotsaba was removed from the military account in 2006, but on 17 January 2015 posted online a video message to the President of Ukraine, which publicly refused to mobilize and called on all to follow his example. He also traveled to the occupied territory, in one of the clips of the Luhansk regional state administration he has accused the Ukrainian military in the killings of civilians.

22 Jan 2015 kotsaba, after receiving an invitation from the Russian journalists took part in the program «Time will tell» on the Russian channel one, where it was partially demonstrated his appeal. During the program, participants blamed the Ukrainian government for the murder of civilians. Then, at the invitation of Russian journalists kotsaba flew to Moscow on air of TV channel «Russia-1» for participation in the program, which was of anti-Ukrainian content. In the program of the channel «NTV» kotsaba said that have mobilized to kill these Ukrainians. Also, according to prosecutors, he received from the Russian journalist’s task to carry out custom-made material about the refusal of mobilization of the inhabitants of the Carpathian region. It was agreed that kotsaba will prepare reports supposedly on their own, and publish them on Youtube.

The Prosecutor asked to pay attention to the fact that kotsaba not denied the facts and circumstances of the case and confirmed that he had posted the appeal, he admitted that he had participated in the programs of the Russian channels for the money, where they discussed events in the East of Ukraine. He acknowledged that circulated on the Internet a sample disclaimer from mobilization.

Kotsaba, in turn, considers that his case was falsified.

«In 15 months, which I am in prison, court and all those present had not heard any evidence, any fact about my treason. Dear, you are vile shameful Chapter in the history of Ukraine, when the government wants to get the appropriate people to shut up. I will close to you were silent about the fratricide that occurs in the Donbas, which the government did business. The power of now reached the limit beyond which the beginning of the repression,» said he.

Protection Kotsaba required to justify it.

In early February 2015 Kotabe was charged on suspicion of treason. SBU detained the journalist, the court chose as a preventive measure of arrest. Independent media trade Union of Ukraine (NMPU) has revoked press credentials for the name Kotsaba, stating that it was «issued in error». The human rights organization Amnesty International recognized Cocabo a prisoner of conscience.

The Cocabo court sentenced to 3.5 years in prison 12.05.2016

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