The clashes during a rally in Chisinau injured 14 policemen

Thousands protest in Chisinau, participants of which demanded the holding of the constitutional referendum, early presidential and parliamentary elections in Moldova and the resignation of the government led to clashes between protesters and police. In police flew eggs and rocks from the pavement. In response, they have used against the protesters with tear gas.

Clashes occurred in the Central part of the city — near the government building that day on April 24, surrounded the protesters, and near the house of businessman Vlad Plahotniuc, reports Deutsche Welle.

In the Ministry of internal Affairs of Moldova reported 14 injured police officers, four of whom were hospitalized. The militiamen detained about ten protesters. About the victims among them is not yet known.

Law enforcement officials accused in the riots of the organizers of the protests of the civic platform DA (Dreptate CI adevar — «Dignity and justice» — Ed.). The Minister of internal Affairs of the country Alexander Jizdan said that the leadership of the DA «will have to answer under the law».

Some of the anti-government rally participants refuse to leave the Great National Assembly square in Chisinau, where on Sunday held a rally. Hear even calling for civil disobedience. However, the organizers are trying to dissuade the protesters from this and note that attempts to achieve change of power by peaceful means.

24 April in Chisinau was held a rally demanding the resignation of the government, dissolution of Parliament and holding early parliamentary elections simultaneously with presidential elections scheduled for 30 October.

And in March during the meeting in Chisinau was named by the date of a possible unification of Romania and Moldova.

The clashes during a rally in Chisinau injured 14 policemen 25.04.2016

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