The CIA has posted a half-century archive of declassified documents

Central intelligence Agency (CIA; CIA) has published online almost 13 million pages of declassified documents. Previously, access to this data could be obtained with only four computers in the National archives in College Park, Maryland.

Now the archive is available in the online library at the CIA. «Access to this historically significant collection is no longer constrained by geography,» — said in a press release the head of the CIA information management Joseph Lambert, quoted by CNN.

According to him, before publication in a network the Department has not retroactively classify any document, writes BuzzFeed . Lambert also gave an example of a document that is often requested in the National archives. «This project «Berlin tunnel,» which bore the code name «Operation Gold, a joint venture of the CIA and the Secret intelligence service of great Britain, aimed at the surveillance of the main staff of the Soviet army in Berlin» — said the publication.

The archive covers the history of the CIA since its founding in 1947 until 1990-ies. However, no new documents declassified was not, they only put in open access.

Millions of pages of archive been amended, but only slightly, said the press-Secretary of the CIA Heather Fritz Horniak. According to her, light editing was necessary to protect sources and methods of gathering information, the disclosure of which could potentially harm national security. «None of this (from published documents. — ed) was not selected. This is the complete story. With all the good and the bad,» — said the press-Secretary of the CIA.

The published documents contain information on the activities of the intelligence Agency for several major conflicts of the second half of the twentieth century: the Korean war, the Vietnam war and the cold war.

Also published data on the sightings of UFOs and secret «Star gate», designed to study the mental abilities including the ability to remotely «see» events and collect information from a distance, and their possible applications.

According to informed sources CNN, work to create an online archive of public documents of the Agency began in October 2016. The data planned to publish by the end of 2017. The work on creation of the archive was quite time consuming, but the CIA did it before the deadline thanks to modern technology.

The channel suggests that following the publication of an extensive online archive will be new studies on the activities of the CIA.

So from now on available on the Internet so a database called CREST (CIA Records Search Tool), formally declassified in 1995 by decree of the President Clinton , the article says BuzzFeed. Subject to published archival information, most diverse, notes the edition: war crimes of the Nazis before experiments to manipulate and the role of the CIA in the overthrow of the governments of Chile and Iran.

«There are also secret documents about the program for the study of telepathy and of clairvoyance, which is known under the name «Stargate», the CIA dossier on the selected media (for example, the magazine Mother Jones), photographs, more than 100 thousand pages of official bulletins by the intelligence services, reports and policy memos written by former Directors of the CIA,» reported in the material, translated the website InoPressa.

As an example, information from the declassified files of the CIA, which is now available online, BuzzFeed mentions the document of 26 pages short title «an Explanatory statement addressed to Fidel Castrofor the murder.» The title of the document on Castro is much zavlekatelnoe than its content, the newspaper notes. This excerpt from an interview with American television host Barbara Walters with the Cuban leader in 1977. Walters asked whether Fidel Castro’s «evidence» of another CIA assassination attempt on his life.

Note, a year ago the Central intelligence Agency of the USA has declassified dozens of documents relating to observations of the 40-50 years of the last century, associated with UFOs. Documents published under the title «Look at our X-files».

The CIA has posted a half-century archive of declassified documents 18.01.2017

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