The CIA declassified report from 1957 on the preparation of the anti-Soviet operation in Ukraine

The Central intelligence Agency of the United States released a report of 1957 on the preparation of anti-Soviet operations in the Ukraine, which stated that in many regions of the population would have supported the RAID, reports «BBC Russian».

It is reported that the report (Resistance Factors And Special Forces Areas Ukraine) is 219 pages in 1957, was prepared by the expert group at Georgetown University. It is noted that compiled the report card similar to the political and social distribution of forces in Ukraine after 60 years.

In particular, in a secret document, Ukraine was divided into 12 conditional regions, from weak to strong anti-Soviet sentiment, and the importance of the country for the United States was driven by economic potential. At the same time, the Americans of 1950-ies believed that a significant part of Ukrainians is critically disposed to the Soviet regime.

«Under favorable conditions, these people can help American special forces in the fight against the Soviet regime», — the document says.

The report presents the loyalty card of the Ukrainian population to the Soviet regime, which was based on ethnic composition, relations to the Bolsheviks during the revolution, the attitude of the German occupation and the guerrilla movements and the number of cases of armed resistance to the Soviet authorities. The most loyal to the Soviet government determined the Crimea and the industrial regions of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

«In Crimea the population there is little sentiment against the regime, and they are unlikely to help the special forces,» — said the expert and added that the Americans could help group of the Crimean Tatars from remote areas of the Peninsula, as well as new immigrants from Western Ukraine.

The second area took loyal to the Soviet government areas of Donbass, which are under the temporary control of illegal armed groups «DNR» and «LNR».

«The local population consider themselves citizens of the Russian Islands in a Ukrainian sea and identificeret themselves with the Soviet regime,» — said in the report.

To the favorable zones for special operations the Americans took the Northern and Western regions of Ukraine, southern coast of Crimea, and the region around Lviv was recognized as a separate zone for special operations.

We will remind, on January 18 the Central intelligence Agency (CIA; CIA) has published online almost 13 million pages of declassified documents. Previously, access to this data could be obtained with only four computers in the National archives in College Park, Maryland. Now the archive is available in the online library at the CIA. Note that more than 11 thousand declassified documents – about Ukraine. Among them, in particular, there is a report, according to MDM in the 1950-ies, eight out of ten residents of Kiev used the Ukrainian language fellowship.

The CIA declassified report from 1957 on the preparation of the anti-Soviet operation in Ukraine 02.02.2017

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