The chief of the accounts chamber of Maguta awarded-house arrest: not to run away in Donetsk

The court elected Chairman of the chamber ‘s Novel of Mahuta a measure of restraint in the form of a round-the-clock house arrest with electronic controls. On 18 November 2016, wrote in Facebook the head of the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutors Nazar Golodnitsky.

According to him, the Solomensky district court granted the Prosecutor’s request SAP and elected against the Chairman of the accounting chamber of Ukraine the measure of restraint — «- house arrest with electronic controls». «The court also ordered the suspect to Deposit his passport for travel abroad and other documents that give the opportunity to leave the country,» he added.

As noted Holodnitsky, SAP prosecutors and detectives NAB to take all necessary measures for early completion of pre-trial investigation, directing the production to the court and redress caused to the state losses.

As reported, on November 16, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko signed a notice of suspicion to the Chairman of the accounting chamber in the machinations of military service housing.

According to the public Prosecutor, Maguta is suspected of facilitating the privatization of service housing. Lutsenko said that a member of SP Mariya Shulezhko, having privatized housing in Kiev, spoke to Magote with a request to provide her with official accommodation in the capital, envisaged by the law. At the same time, as noted by the attorney General, the privatization of such housing is not provided. However, after she was given a house in 2013 at the Poltava street value of 1,395 million UAH, she appealed to the Chairman of the audit chamber with the request to privatize it. «Is she having personal privatized housing in Kiev, addressed to the Chairman of the audit chamber with the request to provide office accommodation. This right is the Chairman of the audit chamber and office of housing», — explained the Prosecutor General.

Lutsenko reminded that the Cabinet still times of the USSR allows us to provide service housing to its valuable employees in order to live closer to work even despite the fact that they already have privatized housing in Kiev.

According to the public Prosecutor, Shulezhko have developed a fraudulent scheme of allocation of housing, and the consequence considers that the Chairman of the accounts chamber joined her in collusion.

Holodnitsky stated that the notice of suspicion Mahuta signed under part 2 of article 364 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (abuse of official position in interests of the third parties) that provides imprisonment for the term from 3 to 6 years.

Holodnitsky also noted that the draft notice of the charges and the most Shulezhko under part 5 article 191 (misappropriation of property).

The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine did not rule out that Maguta after presenting him with notice of the charges can escape in the temporarily occupied Donetsk.

Maguta head of the Chamber since 2012. Is considered a creature of the family clan of Yanukovych.


Maguta his career began in 1984 as an auditor of the audit Department of the Donetsk regional office of the USSR construction Bank.

From 1988 to 1991 worked in various positions in the Donetsk regional administration Promstroibank of the USSR.

In 1991-1995 he worked as chief accountant, Deputy chief accountant of investment and credit KB «Donbass», Chairman of the Board KB «Aktseptbank», the first Deputy Director of the Donetsk branch of AK UB «Rebirth».

From 1995 to 2007, he held senior positions in the Donetsk regional Directorate of CB «PrivatBank».

March 2007 — acting Chairman of the Board of JSC «Ukrainian Bank for reconstruction and development.»

20 Mar 2007 — first Deputy Chairman of JSC «Oschadbank».

The chief of the accounts chamber of Maguta awarded-house arrest: not to run away in Donetsk 18.11.2016

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