The Chairman of the NACP called the error checking Leshchenko lectures at the University

Deputy Chairman of the NACP Ruslan Ryaboshapka declared that the initiation of investigation on the part of individual officials of the Agency upon lectures by the people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko in Kiev-Mohyla Academy is an error. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

According to him, this case has no judicial prospect.

«The legislation allows the individuals authorized to perform state functions combining the post or mandate with the implementation of «teaching activities,» but does not define this concept. Practice suggests that there are several opposite approaches to the understanding of the term, largely based on views, not on the law,» said riaboshapka.

«Unfortunately, the law does not clearly define the boundaries of lawful behavior… Clearly, require compliance and apply sanctions for non-compliance is possible only if a clear definition from the state, what conduct is unlawful,» he stressed.

In addition, Ryaboshapka declared that in this situation, the actions of the people’s Deputy «was to read lectures, that is, had the purpose of transferring knowledge to students; carried out in the framework of the educational process; occurred in the premises of educational institutions», which means they can qualify as permitted by law teaching.

Ryaboshapka also stressed that a priority of the NACP is prevention of corruption.

«NACP is not able to respond to thousands of violations in the sphere of conflict of interests or restrictions on nesovmetimosti or misalignment with other activities or position/mandate,» he said.

He noted that he sees no reason to consider the lectures to students of over 9 thousand hryvnias «really serious corruption offence that threatens the interests of society.»

«As NACP, is a young institution that is only getting back on its feet, the errors in our work are inevitable. You need to admit mistakes and strive to not repeat any more» — summed up riaboshapka.

Recall that on 17 January it was reported that the National Agency for prevention of corruption checks people’s Deputy Serhiy Leshchenko on moonlighting and conflict of interest.

«Center of counteraction of corruption» reported that NACP appealed to him about the information about the contract Leshchenko, for which he got 9 thousand hryvnias for the lecture at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy.

The Chairman of the NACP called the error checking Leshchenko lectures at the University 18.01.2017

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