The CEC has replaced the head and a part of the composition of the election Committee of Krivoy Rog

The Central election Commission replaced the Chairman of city election Committee of Krivoy Rog and the part of the Commission.

The corresponding decree published on the official CEC website.

According to the document, instead of the representative of «Opposition block» Pavel Gives appointed another representative of the «Opposition bloc» — Svetlana Slivko.

Also prematurely terminated the powers of Commission members: Igor Lisitsky («Opposition bloc»), Basil Sluty («Republican party of Ukraine»), Igor Stelmakova («Industrial party») and Andrey Suleimanov («Ridna Krayina»).

In turn, the Commission included Andrei Mosienko («Opposition bloc»), Tatiana Fedorenko («the Republican party of Ukraine»), Eugene Lobachevsky («Industrial party») and Daria Cresta («Ridna Krayina «).

The civil network «OPORA», which monitors elections in Krivoy Rog, to changes in the composition of the city Commission are skeptical. As reported by Radio «Svoboda», the coordinator of electoral programs of «OPORA» in the field of Sergei Fedko, personnel changes are unlikely to be able «to resolve the situation, which is deadlocked».

«Replacement of the President of the TEC and a number of members will not significantly affect the situation: there are court decisions that found violations at the elections, and there are court decisions that overturned these decisions. Probably, now this situation, when only the Verkhovna Rada can make a decision about whether re-election in Krivoy Rog. Why these replacements, there is no official explanation. We assume that these commissioners have been depleted and can’t hold the position,» said Fedya.

Within four weeks after the election of mayor November 15 at Kryvyi Rih are continuing protests against the recognition of the election results.

According to official data, in Krivoy Rog for the incumbent mayor, the representative of «Opposition block» Yuriy Vilkul voted 50,21% of the votes, while his rival candidates, «Association» Samopomich» Yuri Milobog — 49,79%. The difference between candidates is less than one percent — 752. On 10 December the Supreme Rada of Ukraine are unable to vote in favour of the appointment of extraordinary elections of the mayor of Krivoy Rog, which was planning to appoint to 27 March 2016.

The CEC has replaced the head and a part of the composition of the election Committee of Krivoy Rog 16.12.2015

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