The cause of death Hefner was the infection

The body of the founder of Playboy magazine Hugh Hefner has weakened infection that led to death. On this edition of TMZ said the insider.

According to approximate to Hefner human infection has markedly worsened his condition, and for a few weeks before he died, «all resigned to the inevitable.»

Hugh Hefner died Wednesday, September 27, in the United States.

In an official statement, says Hefner, «an American icon», died of natural causes in The Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, tells People.

In September 2016, the media wrote that the publisher is seriously ill, which lost a lot of weight.

The first issue of Playboy came out with 51-thousand copies in December 1953. Now the magazine is published in different languages all over the world.

The cause of death Hefner was the infection 29.09.2017

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