The case Ulyukayev Russian officials began to refuse gift baskets — media

The staff of Russian ministries and state corporations in connection with the conviction for bribery of the Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev has sharply tightened the procedure for acceptance of gifts and refuse to accept even the calendars and diaries.

This was told five Russian ministries and state corporations edition of the Bell.

«Basket is generally impossible, in any form, neither food, nor wine, nor even with the colors – they are already at the entrance shy», – said the publication of the assistant, an unnamed Minister.

Employee of a large industrial holding company said that he personally telephoned the Ministry with which they can give gifts. According to her, they used to give books and calendars, but after the arrest of the speaker they are given good only on presentation of cards.

The publication reported that the largest steel company last year sent to the Ministry of transport calendars, gift boxes, after which they began to call officials with questions, whether it’s calendars and why they are in boxes.

«I’m from the security does not take any calendars or diaries. Can you take a diary, and it is 20 thousand rubles worth. And all the scandal, fines, and dismissal,» – said the source of The Bell in law enforcement.

The Director of the Department of one of the Federal ministries said that one of the Ministers ordered not to bring him gifts, especially from oil.

«It’s not just Ulyukayev, a bribe that allegedly took Nikita Belykh (former Governor of the Kirov region. – «GORDON»), was also packaged in a gift package,» he said.

15 Nov 2016 Sledkom the Russian Federation announced the arrest of the speaker. According to Russian investigators, the official received from the head of «Rosneft» Igor Sechin $2 million for the provision of a positive assessment, which allowed Rosneft to buy the state package of shares of «Bashneft».

The speaker refused to accept the blame. During the trial, he said it was a provocation of a bribe from the FSB. According to the former Minister, Sechin shortly before the meeting promised to treat him to a delicious wine.

The last word the speaker said that the guilty only in the fact that «often compromises, career and well-being put above principles, a hypocrite». He added that, when he was in trouble began to realize how hard people live in Russia, and with what injustice they face. «The rest of my life I devote to defending the rights of the people. Forgive me, people,» he concluded.

The prosecution asked for the speaker’s 10 years of strict regime colony. 16 December, the court sentenced the speaker to eight years in a strict regime colony. He will have to spend in prison for seven years, as one year spent under house arrest while the case was considered.

The case Ulyukayev Russian officials began to refuse gift baskets — media 19.12.2017

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