The captain captured by pirates in Nigeria, the vessel made contact

The captain of the ship BBC Caribbean, captured by pirates in Nigeria, got in touch with the company who hired sailors on a voyage, and said that all crew members are alive and well. This was announced by Igor Ryaboy is the father of one of the captured sailors Sergey Gusarov, reports RIA «Novosti».

«Daughter was a call from the company that the captain had contacted him, he gave a call. Said that all are alive and well, the contents of normal, asked the relatives not to worry», — said the Agency interlocutor.

As reported, only in captivity of the pirates were eight people — seven Russians and one Ukrainian. Sister sailor Sergei Gusarov said the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda» that «and know exactly what the captives are in the territory of Nigeria; but where they are kept, and the condition of the children is unknown.»

Now relatives are waiting for what the demand put forward by the pirates. While any statements from of the pirates were reported.

Meanwhile in mass media there were data about the hostages. Thus, the Federal news Agency reports that all on Board were 11 people, including 10 Russians. First, pirates have seized nine people (two sailors during the attack managed to escape), but then he let 19-year-old sailor. The ship they did not take, as it followed from the destination without the cargo.

The remaining three crew members tried to make contact, but failed. Then they sent an e-mail to the German company which was applying for a job. However, since it was a holiday (5 Feb, Sunday), the letter was only read in the evening and immediately reported to the foreign Ministry and the criminal police of Germany.

Currently, it is known that among the hostages was a 28-year-old sailor from Murmansk Sergey Gusarov, another sailor from Veliky Novgorod (the data «the Russian newspaper») and senior assistant captain 28-year-old Oleg Kalinkin from Petrozavodsk (data STRC «Karelia»).

The rest of the crew — young people under 30, writes «RG». Kalinkin has gone in flight of January 1, Gusarov in September last year, he had to return home in March 2017. The day before the attack, on 4 February, Murmansk was 28 years old. His sister told reporters that the flight — only the third in the record of Sergei. Previously, he went as a cadet and now he was promoted to sailor.

She also reported that the cargo of the captured ship had nothing to do with the war. Mainly it was a harmless technique: cables, scientific equipment, and the like.

According to «KP», BBC Caribbean left Singapore in August 2016. RIA «Novosti» claims that the ship was from Cameroon to Ghana.

According to the shipowner in Germany organized operational headquarters with representatives of the criminal police. They keep contact with the foreign Ministry of Russia, the Russian Embassy in Nigeria and Nigerian police. To the solution of the question connected the insurance company.

The attack on the ship occurred on 5 February near an oil terminal in the Gulf of Guinea. As reported, the pirates swam to the ship by motor boat and opened fire. The ship belongs to German shipping company Briese Schiffahrt operator is the German BBC Chartering.

The captain captured by pirates in Nigeria, the vessel made contact 09.02.2017

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