The candidate in presidents of France Fillon said sanctions against Russia are meaningless

European Union sanctions against the Russian Federation do not make sense, but Russia and the United States can establish a relationship that will exclude the EU.

This was stated by the favorite of the presidential elections in France , françois Fillon , during a visit to Berlin, reports «European true» with reference to Reuters.

Fillon said that before sanctions could be lifted from Russia certain steps are required, adding that Ukraine doesn’t fulfill that need for peace.

«I am convinced that economic sanctions are completely ineffective. We need to find another way to dialogue,» said Fillon after a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

«I don’t want trump talked with Russia at our expense. This would have devastating consequences for Europe, if trump goes through our heads, it is not excluded», — he added.

As reported, the action introduced in 2014 the European Union sanctions against Russia are extended until 31 July 2017.

At the same time, the Minister for foreign Affairs of Austria Sebastian Kurz said that his country was during the presidency in OSCE in 2017, will seek to mitigate the sanctions of the EU against Russia.

The main competitor of Fillon in the presidential elections will be a right-wing politician marine Le Pen, which is considered one of the most loyal to the Kremlin politicians in Western Europe. Polls show that if they both come out in the second round of the elections with a considerable margin of victory Fillon.

We will remind, elections of the President of France will take place in April 2017, the second round is scheduled for may of this year. According to surveys, representatives of right-wing forces ahead of the popularity of candidates from leftist parties. Now most likely to take the post of President is françois Fillon from the right-wing Republicans.

The candidate in presidents of France Fillon said sanctions against Russia are meaningless 23.01.2017

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