The candidate in presidents of France almost got the slap. VIDEO

In the Internet appeared the video in which the candidate in presidents of France from socialists, former Prime Minister Manuel Valls almost got a slap. It happened in Brittany at the exit of the municipality of Lamballe, the TV channel BFM TV.

Waltz and greeted people who passed by. One of these people tried to give former Prime Minister a slap in the face, but the bodyguards pushed him to the ground and were not allowed to do.

According to media reports, it was 19-year-old boy. He was arrested on charges of violence against a person at the state office.

Election of the President of France will take place in April 2017, the second round is scheduled for may of this year. According to surveys, representatives of right-wing forces ahead of the popularity of candidates from leftist parties. Now most likely to take the post of President is françois Fillon from the right-wing Republicans.

The main competitor of Fillon in the presidential elections will be a right-wing politician marine Le Pen, which is considered one of the most loyal to the Kremlin politicians in Western Europe. Polls show that if they both come out in the second round of the elections with a considerable margin of victory Fillon.

The candidate in presidents of France almost got the slap. VIDEO 18.01.2017

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