The candidate for the position in NABOO arrested while trying to bribe the examiners for 10 thousand dollars

Wednesday, 17 February 2016, due to planned joint operation by detectives of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) and prosecutors of the Specialized anticorruption prosecution (SAP) was detained Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, which offered undue advantage (bribe) the amount of 10 thousand US dollars (about 270 thousand UAH) to the members of the competition Commission of NABOO. This amount was offered at a positive decision regarding employment for the position of head/Deputy head of Department detectives Bureau, reported on the official website of the Department.

The arrest was possible due to active participation of the members of the NGO «IN «Automaidan», the representatives of which are members of the Council of public control at the NEB, as well as organized and properly planned joint investigative actions of NABOO detectives and prosecutors SAP, including held secret (investigative) investigative action.

«The recruitment of NABOO takes place through open competition. I assure you that any attempt of bribing members of the Tender commissions will receive harsh response from the Bureau, similar to that which took place today,» said the Director of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnik.

The operation was carried out by detectives, together with soldiers of the Directorate of special operations Bureau at the Kiev national University named Taras Shevchenko under article 208 of the Criminal procedural code of Ukraine, which the Prosecutor passed the first stage of the competitive selection for a position at NABOO — the test for knowledge of the legislative framework. Supervision of pre-trial investigation in the form of procedural guidance in these criminal proceedings is carried out by the Specialized prosecutors of the anticorruption Prosecutor’s office.

Now in criminal proceedings are held urgent investigative (search) actions. Detectives NAB, together with the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office is preparing a petition to the investigative judge of election to the detainee of a measure of restraint.

As reported February 16, Sytnik, case against well-known representatives of the authorities will be referred to the court by detectives Bureau in February-March.

«The part will pass in March, and some may already be in February,» in particular, he said.

According to him, around 20 officials are potentially within the zone of interests of the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, with special attention to the judges. «We have in development is about 1.5 thousand judges. And file on them we will use for transmission to the High Commission of judges, High Council of justice, when they will be engaged in the re-evaluation of those judges. We have received shocking information about some of the judges in terms of the amount of their property, vehicles and overseas trips,» said Sitnic.

In February in Kiev will arrive the representatives of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the United States, who will be assisting the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine in tracing the corruption of cash flows.


The national anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine was established on March 3, 2015.

On 16 April the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko after the preliminary competition has appointed 35-year-old lawyer Sytnik Director of the Bureau.

In may, the NEB opened the competition to recruit the first 100 detectives. The winners in the contest were 70 people. On 1 October they went to work.

On December 16 detectives NABOO first exposed the bribe taker.

According to the law on National anti-corruption Bureau, its competence to include corruption offences committed by public officials 1 and 2 categories, as well as judges.

The candidate for the position in NABOO arrested while trying to bribe the examiners for 10 thousand dollars 17.02.2016

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