The Cabinet promises to solve the issue of «peresechnoe»: they are not cleared cars can be exempt from taxes

The head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal received a letter from the Ministry of Finance on settlement of a situation with blocking checkpoints in Transcarpathia.

This was reported in the press service of Moskal and provided the full text of the letter.

As stated in the document, the results of two meetings of the Committee on taxation and customs policy of the Verkhovna Rada, which took place on 7 and 13 October, with the participation of the Russian representatives of the so-called «peresichny» in the near future it is expected the registration in Parliament of the bill.

It is assumed that the provisions of the Customs code will be supplemented by rules of temporary import by citizens-residents passenger vehicles with partial conditional exemption from tax.

Probably writes Аutocentre, we are talking about the benefits of the «owners» of uncleared foreign car registration, regularly performing the «persicco» (entry-exit abroad).

Perhaps at the legislative level, residents of border settlements will make exceptions to the rules and/or «partially suspended» is exempt from taxation those who are already taking advantage of uncleared cars in foreign rooms, the newspaper writes.

Note that the drivers-«Peresechenie» blocked the border in Transcarpathia is not the first time. Last time a similar event occurred on 12 November, when the roads to the checkpoints in the direction of Poland, Romania and Slovakia blocked the protesters, who want to increase transit times for the import of vehicles on territory of Ukraine. The action took place at the entrances to checkpoints «Uzhgorod» (border with Slovakia) and «Solotvino» (border with Romania) and «Rava-Russkaya» (border with Poland). Upon blocking of transport communications by the participants of the action «Peresecina» on the border with Slovakia and Romania initiated criminal proceedings.

The Cabinet promises to solve the issue of «peresechnoe»: they are not cleared cars can be exempt from taxes 16.11.2016

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