The Cabinet meeting will be broadcast live. Ministerial meeting with businessmen will be fix

A meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will now be broadcast completely live, said Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

«As it was announced, today held the first Cabinet meeting, which will be broadcast from the first minute to the last live. Please, treat with understanding. It’s quite a long process, but hopefully this will allow the country and the public fully see the transparency of decision making by the government,» said Prime Minister, opening the Cabinet meeting on Thursday 11 February with an appeal to the media, reports «Interfax-Ukraine».

Yatsenyuk added that during the meeting the representatives of the media may reside in the building of the Cabinet. He proposed to define the format in which they will be more convenient to follow the meeting.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine holds several meetings per week that are closed to the press.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk urged not to allow political interference in law enforcement activities of bodies of state power, and in the event of such cases to investigate.

«We have clearly stated that any business interests that may not have a place in modern politics. Yes, Ministers can meet with representatives of business and business… But any meeting with political figures or representatives of business entities subject to mandatory lock-in», he said.

With regard to the appearance of any information with charges of official corruption, according to the Prime Minister, in this case, the government immediately takes a decision to conduct an internal review. For the period of the test person, which has received such accusations, removed from office.

«The results of the internal investigation, the decision on liability or other officials», — he said.

Another principle for Ukrainian politics, according to Yatsenyuk, should be «no unlawful politically motivated interference with law enforcement and special bodies in the activities of public authorities».

«If law enforcement and the special system is also used for the purpose of lobbying interests, we appeal to all law enforcement agencies with a request to initiate an investigation in relation to each officer of such enforcement Agency», — stressed the head of government.

The Cabinet meeting will be broadcast live. Ministerial meeting with businessmen will be fix 11.02.2016

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