The Cabinet called 19 priorities for economic professions, which are financed from the budget

The government has identified a list of 19 professions of national importance, training on which will be carried out in vocational educational institutions from the state budget.

This is stated in the Cabinet decision, which was adopted on November 16 at the Government meeting, the press service of the Ministry of education and science.

Grinevich: teachers will raise salaries by 50 and not 30%

«These jobs is a priority for economic development of the country, and training them requires state support. With this solution we will not only provide the priority sectors of skilled labor, but also greatly support technical and vocational educational institutions», — said at a government meeting the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych.

In accordance with the National classifier is: drill rig operator (construction work), the assembler of systems of ventilation, driller operating and exploration drilling, mechanic drilling rig, testogel, machine operator of woodworking machines, artist, machine operator of wide profile, Turner, Miller, setter of machine tools and manipulators with programmed control, the collector of cases of metal courts, fitter ways, the mechanic on repair of road-building machines and tractors, grower, beekeeper and assistant locomotive driver and locomotive.

To Finance certain professions in 2017 the government plans to spend 169 million 600,8 thous. These funds will be included in the education and subvention transferred to local budgets.

The Ministry noted that the training for other professions necessary for the maintenance of local infrastructure and municipal services, at the expense of means of local budgets according to regional needs.

As of 1 September 2016 in the Ukrainian system of vocational education to receive professions of national importance 279 enrolled 10 thousand people.

Recall, 20 Oct Rada supported at first reading a draft law on the state budget for 2017. Revenues of the state budget will be 876,9 billion, which is 17% higher than revenues of the state budget in 2016 (749 billion).

On 3 November, the Cabinet approved the finalized draft state budget for 2017.

Earlier, the government planned to increase the minimum wage by 10.1% to UAH 1762.

Grinevich: teachers will raise salaries by 50 and not 30%

In finalizing the budget for 2017 was increased subventions for salaries of pedagogical workers, which will increase it by 50% instead of the announced 30%.

About this at the parliamentary hearings on Wednesday, November 16, said the Minister of education and science, Liliya Hrynevych, reports UKRINFORM.

«In finalizing the budget for the second reading has already been shared with the Parliament and continuing the discussion with the Ministry of Finance managed to achieve even more with some positive developments in the financing of education. The amount of subsidy to the salary of the teachers after the first reading was provided for 41.8 billion, is now 52 billion. This will increase the average salary of teachers given the increase in the minimum wage level by an average of 50%,» — said Grinevich.

The Minister noted that the cost of education in Ukraine ranged from 5 to 7.4%, which overall corresponds to European level. Hrynevych also said that projected in 2017 for education will be allocated 6.5% of GDP compared to 5.5% in 2016.

However, in the structure of these costs is a substantial portion of social benefits for the recipients of education and the expenses of the special Fund in the budget. Therefore, according to her, the relative expenditures on education are below the average in Europe.

The Cabinet called 19 priorities for economic professions, which are financed from the budget 17.11.2016

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