The Cabinet allowed the transit of Russian trucks through Ukraine from February 25

Ukraine accepts the proposal of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation from 00 hours of February 25 to restore transit. This was stated by the Minister of transport Andrey Pivovarsky at the government meeting, writes «Ukrainian truth».

«We are ready to return to action temporary permits from 00 hours on February 25 and thus to return to the territory of Ukraine transit, which last ten days was actually blocked on the territory of Ukraine», — said the Minister.

Activists want to resume the blockade of trucks from Russia

«Therefore, the proposal of the Ministry to accept the proposal of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, transit to return to Ukraine. But in order to ensure the safe passage of the transit flows in any of the rooms, I ask Mr. Avakov to help with Nicolicea to ensure the passage of transit flows», — said the brewer.

He explained that due to the blocking of transit of Ukraine may suffer significant financial losses.

«If we don’t take the decision to transit Ukraine, given that our colleagues from Poland have already agreed with the Russians on cooperation on transit, transit corridors, just reoriented. Do not go through Ukraine, and through Belarus, Poland, the Baltic States and so on. Ukraine might just fall out of transit flows. You can forget about mini-hotels, mini-restaurants, kiosks and so on,» said brewer.

«The main Eurasian corridors pass through the territory of Ukraine. When the truck under the Russian room is on the territory of Ukraine, this does not mean that there is a Russian driver, this does not mean that it carries the goods of the Russian coordination, moreover, it does not mean that the truck owned by the Russians,» — said the Minister.

In turn, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk has agreed with a proposal.

«We answered their unfriendly actions, they open, we are on terms of reciprocity also take appropriate measures to the interior Ministry and the national police provides for the first period of recovery transport appropriate security,» he said.

Brewer also reported that on February 23, the Ministry of Infrastructure held a meeting with representatives of the Association of international road carriers of Ukraine (ASMAP), the negotiations with whom mutual understanding was reached regarding the full and early resumption of transit vehicles on the territory of Ukraine.

«With carriers mutual understanding was reached regarding the importance of unblocking transit flows», — said the Minister.

Help. The history of mutual Ukrainian-Russian block large vehicles

In 2015, Ukraine has closed air space for Russian planes. It was also suspended the supply and trade links with the occupied Crimea.

In response to these steps, as well as on the entry of Ukraine into free trade Zone (FTZ) with the EU, from 1 January 2016, Russia has suspended free trade with Ukraine, and from January 4th — banned the transit of Ukrainian goods through their territory.

The transit of Russian trucks and any of their stay on its territory was banned in Poland and Romania, while de jure they could continue to move through Ukraine.

On 11 February activists of the Transcarpathian region (from February 12 to them began to join other Ukrainian regions) by analogy with trademarks blockade of the Crimea began an indefinite protest to block trucks with Russian license plates, registration, putting forth to the Cabinet of Ministers political demands to the ultimate nature: a total ban for transit of Russian trucks through the Ukraine and a ban on doing business economic entities of the Russian Federation, which should last until the Russians release Ukrainian political prisoners, the cessation of hostilities, the withdrawal of its troops and the return of occupied sovereign territories.

On the morning of 15 February, the Cabinet of Ministers temporarily suspended the transit of trucks from Russia, but only due to blocking of the Ukrainian trucks in the Russian Federation.

«The Russian Federation is in violation of the rules and procedures of the world trade organization and bilateral intergovernmental agreements regarding road transport unilaterally stopped the movement of the Ukrainian cargo transport vehicles on the territory of Russia. By the time the explanations from the Russian side and address this issue, Ukraine will temporarily suspend transit of cargo vehicles registered in Russia, on the territory of Ukraine», — stated in the Protocol decision of the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

None of the demands of the initiators of the civilian blockade is not mentioned here.

At that, government officials started consultations with Moscow on unblocking the Ukrainian trucks and the possibility of further transit through the territory of the Russian Federation, the participants of the siege already described as «unacceptable», in their opinion, «political bargaining».

On the evening of 15 February, members of non-state blockade, which, according to the main element of the emblem of the Zakarpatye area journalists have dubbed «Bear» and which has expanded to 12 regions of Ukraine, reduced their political demands to a total ban on Russian transit. At the same time they called the government’s decision to «temporarily suspend» the movement of Russian trucks in Ukraine «half-hearted», as in the text of the Protocol Commission, they note, the basis for the imposition of government sanctions against trucks from Russia called not a military invasion of the Russian state, and the blocking of Ukrainian trucking in Russia.

Already on 17 February, brewer spoke in favor of the full restoration of transit of Russian trucks.

«As you know, last week the Ukrainian activists began blocking the so-called Russian transit through the territory of Ukraine. It is important to understand that transit has no boundaries and has no limitations. Ukraine as a transit country earns money on the fact that transit goods from Europe to Asia and from Asia to Europe pass through Ukraine. And very often people are confused thinking that the cargo that rides on Russian numbers — Russian origin. But it is not, — explained his point of view brewer. — Most of the products that are stuck in Ukraine, not Russian in origin. It was a transit. And limitations, there can be no. Moreover, Ukraine signed a set of agreements about what transit can’t stop, transit must go a large stream».

Thursday, February 18 2016, 9 a.m.-launched transit mode «going home», which will run until 25 February. During this time, all previously blocked the Ukrainian and Russian trucks must return home.

Today, on February 24, it became known that organizers «bear blockade» promise again to block roads. This was stated by one of the organizers of the blockade in Transcarpathia Taras Deyak.

«Today, in Lviv, we collect all the coordinators of the blockade, we will decide how to proceed. Whatever the decision of the government on transit, we will block transportation, to insist on a ban of transportation of the Russian trucks. And then of all Russian businesses,» he said.

The Cabinet allowed the transit of Russian trucks through Ukraine from February 25 24.02.2016

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