The brother of the poet Poliaki with 8-month-old daughter was killed in an accident involving a drunk major

In Kharkov on 27 December 2016 happened dorozhno-transport incident in which killed a brother and 8-month-old niece Ukrainian poet Artem Polezhaka. The poet himself has told about the accident, after which his page in the social network Facebook was blocked. Reports about it «the Fourth power».

According to Artem Polezhaka, his 38-year-old brother with his daughter was driving his car VAZ-2102 in Kharkov by Saltovskiy highway when their band took off the Toyota Prado, at the wheel which was drunk Moroz Pavel Igorevich born in 1980. As told by the poet himself, intoxicated frost already done by this time some of the accident and ran away from the police.

A head-on collision could not be avoided, 38-year-old brother of the poet and his 8-month-old daughter died.

Frost currently in detention without the right to bail, but in social networks say that «is» according to his bleaching and the conclusion of the case to court. According to Dmitry Polegate, brother Artem and Oleksandr, who is guilty in the accident are trying to «cover up» on the orders from Kiev. Therefore, the attention of the public and the media to this case is extremely important.

While patrol has reported Kharkiv media that the driver at the scene had behaved inappropriately and offered them bribes.

«The characteristic smell of alcohol on his breath. He barely kept on his feet. Could not explain what happened. Proposed «work out» for remuneration», — said patrolman Alex Naboka.

Alcohol in the blood of the perpetrator of the accident is 8 times higher than normal, said volunteer Emma Shimanovich.

Poliaki daughter-in-law is in hospital in serious condition.

Social networking has created the help to Alexander Police and their family. At the same time, the poet requests that information about the case was the most common.

One of the leaders of the folk-rock band «Kozak System» Ivan lenyo said on Monday that «information came to caring», so this case has taken on his personal control of the leaders of the Prosecutor General and national police.

In support of Polegate and his family were well-known writers, volunteers and members. In particular support for the poet is already expressed and the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko.

MP (Radical party) Andrey Lozovoy said that acting national police head of Vadim Troyan took under personal control investigation of this accident.

The brother of the poet Poliaki with 8-month-old daughter was killed in an accident involving a drunk major 10.01.2017

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