The British pound fell to a minimum, fearing a «hard Brexit»

Pound sterling holds near three-month lows in Asian trading Monday after the message to the media about the readiness of the British government to «hard Brexit» has revived fears of investors concerning consequences of the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU. About it writes the Economic truth with reference to Reuters.

As the newspaper notes, the pound has forced investors to shift attention from the dollar, which at previous sessions, came under pressure as investors wondered what to expect from the economic policies of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump, shall take office on Friday, January 20.

The British currency fell to $ 1,1983. the weak morning trading — the lowest since the beginning of October. The pound dropped 1.2 percent to the previous close to of 1.2027$.

According to dealers, the market reaction is associated with the message in the newspaper the Sunday Times that the Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may this week indicates a scheduled «hard Brexit», saying that it was ready to withdraw from the single European market in exchange for the return of control over the country’s borders.

Investors fear that such a drastic severing of ties with the single market would damage British exports and will scare away foreign investors.

As reported, the House of Commons of the British Parliament 7 Dec supported step-by-step plan of the government Theresa may about Britain’s exit from the EU.

In a referendum in June 2016, the majority of British people (51.9 per cent) were in favour of withdrawal from the EU.

The British pound fell to a minimum, fearing a «hard Brexit» 16.01.2017

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